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Transcript Of Jason On Rosie

Transcript Of Jason On Rosie
December 26, 2001 Posted by Mandy
Thanks to MyrnaLynne for sending this to me from Jason Behr Unlimited :)

Thanks to Pershing for this transcript! Great job!
I have much more respect for people who have done transcripts before! Here
we go! My best attempt:

(Note from pershing with cramped fingers. JB and Rosie talked over each
other a lot and both began sentences with “Ummmm..” I left stuff like that
out! Jason laughed and smiled a lot during the interview and you just have
to see the interview for the full effect. Hope this helps!)
Rosie: On Christmas Day, you can catch our next guest on the big screen with
Kevin Spacey and Dame Judi Dench – say that 3 times quick – in “The Shipping
News.” In the meantime, you can watch him Tuesday nights on UPN’s Roswell.
Take a look-
(Scene from ‘Samuel Rising’ where he calls Max “Daddy’ and mother says,
“That’s impossible. My son doesn’t talk”.)
Rosie: Yes, he does! We just saw it! Please Welcome Jason Behr!
(Jason comes out. Wearing a black suit and black silk shirt open at the
neck. Looking great. Audience screams and claps. Jason hugs Rosie, waves to
the audience and takes a seat.)
Rosie: Well, hi Jason! How are you?
Jason: I’m doing great! I’m doing great! Thank you!
Rosie: Nice to see you. This is your first talk show ever!
Jason: This is my first talk show, yes.
Rosie: Are you a little nervous? [he is, but he does great trying not to
show it! ML}
Jason: You know, it’s.. I’m such a big fan of yours, and so I just figured
this would be the most appropriate place to have my first time.
Rosie: And I thank you for sharing that with me. You know, for picking me
for the first time. (Jason laughs.) I got you a little gift…so you’ll
always remember me. (Audience cheers.) Krispy Kreme donuts! (Jason laughs.)
I understand you enjoy them.
Jason: Yes, very much!
Rosie: I got you two dozen just in case.
Jason: Yes. Thank you. (Rubs his hands together.) I will split them with
you, if you like. (Rosie: OK, after the show! There’s always the commercial
Jason: OK.
Rosie: Now, let me ask you…..Is this your first big movie, “The Shipping
Jason: This is the first big movie, yes…
Rosie: Where did you grow up?
Jason: I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, mostly.
Rosie: And you did school plays? Is that how you [got into acting.] Jason: Yea, I did some plays when I was younger. I think that the first
thing I did was, I played a sunflower in the local play in elementary
Rosie: Right. And you were hooked right then, when the audience started to
Jason: Right then, yea… Big applause for a sunflower. So… (he laughs)
Rosie: Right. Then you went to college, I take it?
Jason: No. I actually moved straight out to Los Angeles right after high
school. There was a…
Rosie: You did!? What did your parents think about that?
Jason: My mother was very supportive. And I have a real great family, so…
They are all really really supportive about it.
Rosie: Even though you were just young? You were just an 18-year-old kid?
Jason: Yea.. Yea…they just ah.. you know, my mom just wanted me to do
whatever made me happy. And an opportunity presented itself to move out to
Los Angeles and I just sort of.. I got on a plane a week later and left.
Rosie: Now did you have an agent or anything when you went out there?
Jason: No.
Rosie: Nothing?
Jason: No.
Rosie: Where did you live?
Jason: I lived in Santa Monica. Kind of near the beach. It was sort of the
barrio of Santa Monica.
Rosie: Yea…
Jason: And I stayed out there for about three months. Then I moved around
about… I’d say… ten different cities in the first three years of being
there. I mean it helped.. It helped me kind of get a chance to get a flavor
for the city.
Rosie: And did you take acting lessons while you were there or classes or
Jason: No. No. I just sort of.. just jumped right into it.
Rosie: No kidding!
Jason: Yea.
Rosie: How’d you get your first gig? Your first acting thing?
Jason: The same sort of thing… There’s a time when you go out to Los
Angeles called ‘Pilot Season’ and they’re making all these new shows… and
so, um.. You just go out on these auditions all the time and sooner or later
you are lucky enough…
Rosie (interrupts): Ok, let me just say to the children out there who are 18
and thinking of going to LA to get into sitcoms: It’s not that easy! It’s
not easy at all. You totally… 99% of the Actors Equity and Screen Actors
Guild are unemployed.
Jason: Yes.
Rosie: 99% of the members.
Jason: Yes.
Rosie: So you obviously have a little something special!
Jason: I just got really lucky.
Rosie: Did you do a pilot right away, or a sitcom pilot, or..?
Jason: No. No. I got small jobs here and there. I worked on Buffy, the
Vampire Slayer… and I worked on Dawson’s Creek for a little while… and
then, um.. I found the script for Roswell.
Rosie: Yea, that’s a great show. It’s a great show.
Jason: Thank you. Thank you.
Rosie: It’s doing really well.. The young kids -now that I’m almost 40 –
‘You young kids’ really enjoy it. Because all… You know, I see little kids
in the… not little, like 15… they’re like, “Will you ever have Jason
Behr?” I’m like, “From what?” “Roswell! Best show! So cute! Ahhh!” (He
laughs at her teen fan imitation) That’s you!.. That show’s doing really
well for them.. you know, on that network.
Jason: Yes. It’s doing really well and we’re on the third season. And we
have a great time watching – er -making the show, and hopefully you guys
like watching it.
(Audience claps for Roswell)
Rosie: It’s on… when is it on?
Jason: Tuesday nights on UPN.
Rosie: Tuesday nights on the UPN. Now this movie, “The Shipping News,” was a
very big bestseller.
Jason: Yes.
Rosie: And who do you play in this?
Jason: I play Dennis Buggit. He’s one the local Newfoundlanders. He’s kind
of this colorful, quirky, um… very gregarious character…. I play the son
of Scott Glenn, who um, like most Newfoundlanders has an affinity for the
sea and really wants just to fish.
Rosie: Now a…did you have a hard time getting that accent down ’cause its
sorta unique..
Jason: It’s a very unique accent. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard
before in my life. It’s a little Irish lilt it. There’s a little Canadian
vowel sounds to it and kind of a nasal quality I was lucky enough to have in
Minnesota – they say stuff like ‘bag’ [with a flat ‘a’], and ‘mom’ [a sound
for o] and ‘dad’ [stressed flat a]. So…
Rosie: Right. Were you intimidated, this being you first feature?
Jason: You know…when you say names like Kevin Spacey and Lasse Halstrom,
and Cate Blanchett, and Julianne Moore, and the majestic and beautiful Judi
Dench, you know it’s very easy to become intimidated by that… but they
were very very warm and very welcoming and we just went out and hung out a
lot and did a lot of normal things.
I actually got a chance to play pool with Judi Dench.
Rosie: Right.
Jason: So she said she’d never played before…(Rosie prompts ‘but?’) It
started out as a nice game! I mean, it was real friendly and I’m showin’ her
how to line up shots and stuff like that.. and she started to win! So… I
Rosie: Yep! Of course! That’s what you’re supposed to do!
Jason: Yea…It’s a game! {one gets the sense that Mr B plays games to win}
Rosie: But she gives one… one brillant performance in this play. I know
this was shot right after her husband passed away.
Jason: Yes.
Rosie: And you can see all that vulnerability in her performance. Take a
lip… a ‘take a lip at the cluk’.. Take a look at the clip! (Ha! Ha! Ha!)
..from “The Shipping News” which opens Christmas Day all over the country.
Take a look-
(Shows a clip of Kevin Spacey’s character Quoyle being introduced to Dennis
Buggit, the carpenter who is fixing his house. He has a heavy sweater on.
Everyone is pretty bundled up standing out in front of the house; Quoyle
daughter and Aunt are there too. Transcript of clip from Edee and ML: “Who’s
that?” Spacey’s character asks. “Dennis Buggit, master carpenter,” Judi
Dench the aunt says. Jason walks up to Spacey’s character, scratches his
hair and wipes his hand and shaked hands. Dennis: “Only till I get my
lobster license.. I’m a fisherman in me soul.” Quoyle says “Buggit? You
wouldn’t be related to my boss down at the Gammy Bird” Dennis looks
uncomfortable “Um, yeh, yeh. My dad.” He looks away and puts his hammer in
his tool belt; you get the sense all is not well between the Buggitts.
“Tomorrow I’ll run 2x4s under your second story. Oh, and if I was you, I
wouldn’t sleep in the upstairs tonight (pointing up) or you’re gonna wake up
in the downstairs (points down) with a ‘thud'” (smiles & chuckles). end of

(Audience cheers)

Rosie: “The Shipping News”! It opens Christmas Day. You don’t really have a
lot of time to do films…only doing your summer hiatus from Roswell?
Jason: Yes, if you can believe it, that was actually summer in Newfoundland.

Rosie: And freezing cold.
Jason: Yes.
Rosie: What are you working on next? Do you have another one lined up?
Jason: It’s gonna be really hard to follow this one up and time it with the
show and stuff like that, so….
Rosie: Yea, yea. It’s a Lasse Halstrom film and he is a brilliant, brilliant
Jason, you’re adorable!
Jason: Thank you very much.
Rosie: You did very well your first time.
Jason: Thank you.
Rosie: I was gentle and we made it through together.
Jason: Yes.
Rosie: There you go Jason…. (she leads into the commercial and the next
guest coming, Peter Gallagher)

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