New Year’s Resolutions from E!Online – Maria & Michael

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From “Watch With Wanda” at E!Online:

This Week: New Year’s resolutions the stars should make

It’s the start of a new millennium, and you know what that means: those pesky resolutions. So, I’ve decided to give 10 of our favorite TV folks a few suggestions (okay, unsolicited) on what they should vow to do–or stop doing. (Don’t worry, I’ll make some of my own, too.) Here goes:

Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino: We all know it. It’s time for a coup d’état on the Roswell set. As sidekicks, you’re kickin’ it. But we want more. You’re cuter, sassier and, gosh darn it, we like you more than Liz and Max. So, take charge. Out with the old, in with you two. (Will & Grace, be warned.)