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Jason Behr- Out of this world actor

Thanks to Mandy for sending this in. It comes from the Jan 2000 issue of J-14

Jason Behr
Out-Of-This-World Actor!

Jason Behr has been a familiar face to fans of several WB shows, even before his hit drama “Roswell” hit the airwaves a few months ago. Who could forget his character Chris Wolfe from “Dawson’s Creek”? Or his guest appearances on “Buffy” and “7th Heaven”? Seeing that Jason was popular enough to get his own show, producers created “Roswell” for the young star. Behr is Max Evans, a young alien on Earth who has to deal with everyday teen problems, as well as his own unusual extra-terrestrial background. “I thought it was a great premise,” he says, admitting that he felt a little “aliensted” when he was going to school. “Growing up, I was a little shrimp,” the Minnesota native admits. “I felt awkward and misunderstood” Well, this sexy TV star has certainly grown out of that stage of his life!


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