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Chicago Tribune: Colin Hanks Making Own Splash

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Colin Hanks making own splash

Terry Armour
Published January 27, 2002

When you meet 24-year-old Colin Hanks, you can’t help but think of his dad.

“It just happens,” Colin said during a recent Chicago visit.

“At some point, everybody just sort of turns into some version of their dad — whether it’s mannerisms or traits or speech inflections or the way they yell.”

In fact, in his new comedy, “Orange County,” Colin suggests a young Tom Hanks in “Splash,” the film that first got Colin’s dad noticed.

And though Tom Hanks only provides the voice for cowboy “Woody” in the animated “Toy Story” films, we happen to think the computer-generated cowpoke looks a lot like Colin.

“Let’s see: child’s toy, young guy, baby face — it sort of makes sense to me now,” Colin said with a laugh. “I’ve never heard that before, but I guess it’s cool.”

The connections between father and son don’t end there:

The nose: “We’ve got the Hanks nose. That, you can’t get away from. It’s in the genes, man. I can’t really help it.”

The youthfulness: “I’m 24 years old and I look like I’m 16. That sort of stinks now but I’m sure when I’m more his age, it will be a good thing.”

Acting influence? “I don’t tailor myself after one particular person. But if there was one person I could look at and say, `I would like to have his career’ it would definitely be John Cusack. He’s always completely natural — there’s always a bit of himself in all of his characters.”

Fatherly advice: “Have no expectations, whatsoever, so therefore you will never be disappointed.”