A Day on the Set of ROSWELL!

Thanks to Carolyn for posting about this on the message boards

Here is the link to the Ebay auction

William Sadler is offering a day for two visitors on the set of UPN’s science fiction drama ROSWELL. The winner along with a guest will get to spend a day with Bill, watching a ROSWELL episode being filmed. What’s included: · A day on the set of ROSWELL (either in the studio or on location, depending on the day of your visit).

A day with William Sadler, ROSWELL’s “Sheriff Valenti”. Bill, possibly aided by some of his friends in the cast and crew, will explain everything that’s going on, and be sure to give you a wonderful time. · Meals with the cast and crew. What’s NOT included: · Transportation · Lodging · Any other expenses you might incur getting to Los Angeles or staying there. You and Bill will have the opportunity to work out exactly when your visit will take place. (It must be at a mutually agreed upon time between February 26th and March 11, 2002. The actual date will be to some extent dictated by Bill’s own filming and directing schedule, although he will do his best to accomodate the winner’s preference.) Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to see ROSWELL in the making! Proceeds of this auction will benefit the Poughkeepsie Day School. If you have any questions, please email seller.

Good luck to the lucky winner, this is a really great cause