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Brendan’s Movie ‘Our Guys’ Airs Tonight On Lifetime

Thanks to Nicole and everyone else who wrote in for this :)

I was watching Lifetime Network and it
appeared that Brendan Fehr was going to be in the upcoming movie: “Our guys:
Outrage in Glen Ridge”. It’s a docudrama. It’s about the townspeople in
Glen Ridge, N.J., who rally to support high-school jocks who raped a
mentally impaired girl. It stars Ally Sheedy. It looked as though Brendan
Fehr was one of the high-school jocks who were accused of this incident. It
airs tonight, February 11 at 9:00p.m. eastern standard time.

Thanks to Lisa for this :)

Brendan Fehr, “Outrage in Glen Ridge”,
Lifetime TV, Feb 11, 9:00PM Eastern Time….

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(If you go to this link, and click on the name of the show, it brings you
to the description which does not actually mention Brendan. I went to
another site to verify that it was him……)

I saw a commercial earlier this evening, and said, “Whoe, that is Brendan”,
and got online and looked, and YEPPER, it sure is him!!! From the description
he plays one of the BIGJERKS in the movie, but at least the show is on. Maybe peeps
can pass the word on, and get some ROSWELL PUBLICITY out of this!!!!!! Even
as a jerk, he looked like a cutiepatootie. :o) Lisa Bkewl.

Here is the show description from….
Click here: Our Guys

Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge (Made for TV, 1999)
In 1989, a group of well-known high school athletes in Glen Ridge, New Jersey
were accused of the gang rape of a mentally retarded teen girl (Heather
Matarazzo). When the town rallies to protect their stars, a detective (Ally
Sheedy) and the prosecutor (Eric Stoltz) have to unravel the cover-up by the
school board and the police.
Directed by Guy Ferland

Writing credits (WGA) (in credits order)
Bernie Lefkowitz (book Our Guys)
Paul Brown (II) (teleplay)

Cast (in credits order)
Ally Sheedy …. Kelly Brooks
Eric Stoltz …. Robert Laurino
Heather Matarazzo …. Leslie Farber
Scott Vickaryous …. Paul Archer
Michael Tomlinson (I) …. Mr. Farber
Sara Botsford …. Mrs. Farber
Ryan Taylor …. Kevin Scherzer
Will Sanderson …. Kyle Scherzer
Eric Keenleyside …. Frank Bennett
Brendan Fehr …. Barry Bennett
Doron Bell …. Carl Brewer (as Doron Bell Jr.)