More Around The World Updates

I’m doing another update since there was a great response after the ‘around the world’ update I did yesterday (plus ‘Days of Our Lives’ is a little boring today so I’m doing some updates instead). If anyone else has information on the show in your country, please feel free to send the information in


Thanks to Sarah for this :)

For parts of Northern Califoria (Sacramento area) that
saw the Kings/Jazz basketball instead of Roswell on
Tuesday nite, Roswell will be shown Sunday nite at 8


Thanks to Hibiscuss for this :)

Hey just to let you know that CBC tv in Barbados has picked Season
3 of Roswell. It will air on Saturdays at 9:00.


Thanks to Mel for this :)

Here, we are waiting for the third season to be broadcast on M6, a national network.
Other than that, we can also watch the second season every thursday at 8.45 P.M. on Serie Club, for those who have the cable. There are two episodes every thursday and there are reruns every saturday and sunday.
It is the first time the season 2 is shown on the cable but the national network has already shown it. We don’t know which network will broadcast the third season the first.


Thanks to Veena for this :)

Roswell’s also aiting in India, Thursday at 9:00 PM on Star World. However it rotates with Buffy so in a couple of weeks Buffy returns and Roswell will be taken off. Once the season of Buffy is over – more Roswell!


Thanks to Mateusz for this :)

In Poland ‘Roswell High’ was aired till January by ‘Polsat’ television.
Now all fans wait for the 3rd season. Polsat said it would be possible to
see a new part of show in May.


Thanks to Sofie for this :)

I just wanted you to know that Roswell is on at 16.30 every thursday at channel 4 here in Sweden. The last episode was when Alex returned from Sweden….really cool that they spoke swedish, or tried to anyways


Thanks to Benz for this :)

just wanna let all the Thai fans know that Roswell is airing on UBC channel 36 every Wednesday at 9.30pm. The re-runs are at 12.00pm every Sunday.
also, Roswell OST is available in store!!