Roswell – TVGuide/Yahoo-TV Featured TV Pick (spoilers)

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From Yahoo-TV and TV Guide:

Tuesday April 23, 2002
9 pm/ET, UPN

Who’s the Boss? It’s official. UPN has brought Roswell back from a two-month hiatus only to cancel it. The season finale originally scheduled for May 14th is now the series finale, and in the next few weeks producers are promising shocking plot twists that will resolve many of the show’s ongoing storylines.

Before the show’s hiatus, Max (Jason Behr) — the anointed alien king — died and was reborn. His brother-in-law, an Earthling named Jesse (Adam Rodriguez), learned that his beloved wife (Katherine Heigl) is an alien. On tonight’s episode, a troubled Jesse visits a psychiatrist. Instead of recounting a seemingly outrageous tale about extraterrestrials, he tells the therapist that he unknowingly married into the mob and he’s not sure whether he can stay with his wife. The fact that he’s seeing a shrink at all makes Max and fellow alien Michael (Brendan Fehr) very uncomfortable. They know that if their secret gets out, big trouble is sure to follow.

Clearheaded as ever, Max suggests that they proceed cautiously and formulate a plan of action. He later tells his sister that she can work through her problems with Jesse as she sees fit. Unfortunately, Michael has other plans. It turns out that the glowing “V”-shaped symbol that’s developing on his chest is the mark of the alien king. Although Max is now alive, his powers were transferred to Michael during Max’s brief death. Max’s apt description of Michael: “Impulsive. Ruthless. Dangerous.” All three of those factors come into play when Michael countermands Max’s order and decides to deal with Jesse personally.

Jesse’s fate is resolved on tonight’s show with a suspenseful development that moves the overarching story ahead beautifully. Sadly, it’s one of the last times we’ll get to enjoy these Tobasco-loving aliens coming of age in New Mexico. Like the series itself, this episode is as smart as it is accessible, giving sci-fi fans a lot to ponder and enjoy. Let’s hope that the producers leave the door open for future movies — be they on the big screen or on TV.

—Jeff Gemmill, TV