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Hi Everyone. I got a little behind in updating the news around the world so forgive me :( Thr link to the petition for Holland is actually Petition Use this link :)

Please continue to send in anything that’s going on with the show in your country. I thank everyone of you who send information in for the site–especially those individuals where English is not your first or primary language. I still have problems with Spanish and I’m only a few hours away from the Mexican border.


Thanks to Michelle for this :)

Wanted to let you know whats going on in Australia and Roswell.

Well we just finished season two last year in December (some states went into January etc.) but season three doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon, although Channel Nine (the channel that airs Roswell) have said they have bought the rights to season three. They say they’ll play it later this year … but to see is to believe !!


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In Austria Roswell is aired every Saturday on 3.30 pm on ORF 1.
Re-runs are at about 4 am next day.
Currently we watch the 2nd season.

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I just want to let you know that Roswell is also on Belgian television. The
second season has just ended; now we can look at the first season again:
every Saturday at 18h. The third season will probably be on air somewhere
after the summer (no fixed dates yet).


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Hey, just wanted to let you know that here in Brazil Roswell’s 3rd season is already airing every saturday at 7pm on FOX (cable tv). The re-runs are every sunday at 2pm and every wednesday at 11pm.


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I just wanted to let you know that “NovaTV” television in Croatia has started broadcasting reruns of first two seasons of Roswell – monday thru friday at 17:10 local time (GMT+1).

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I just wanted to say that here in Croatia, Europe, reruns of both 1st and 2nd season start tommorrow on april 26th and will be every day on NOVA TV, and plans for aquiring 3rd season are still ongoing. So hopefully we will get to see it soon. :) My fingers are still crossed for 4th season on Sci-Fi or anywhere else!!!


Thanks to Linn who’s from Sweden for this :)

You can watch Roswell on 2 danish channels. One is tv2 zulu. Its aired on Sunday 17.55. And the episode now on Sunday is Behind the music.
The other channel is tv2. But the show will first return in August. (don´t know wich time)

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You just updated about Roswell being on tv4 at 16:30 in Sweden, this was
true for a while. But now, since about 2 weeks they have stopped showing it
but it will be back some time. (They don’t know when yet)


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Here in the Dominican Republic (the Caribbean)
Roswell airs Saturdays 8pm, on Fox Channel Latin
America. The 3rd season started already here.

Last year there was an article in one of the mayor
newspapers about how the fans of the show were trying
to save it from cancellation.


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I received an email from the BBC on the 24th April 2002, confirming the announcement on various UK Roswell sites that Roswell has indeed been cancelled by the BBC. An official article is up on the BBC Cult homepage. This is all very well and good for those people with satellite or digital capabilities (Roswell is on Sky1 in June) but those of us with terrestrial-only television who relied on the BBC have yet another battle on our hands.

To save Roswell for fans living in Britain please sign the petition to Channel 5 (who we decided after a lot of thinking would be the best channel to approach) which is located at Petition

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Hello i just thought you would like to know that the BBC in the uk have just
stated that they will not be showing season 3 of Roswell due to its bad
rating when it showed season 2.
I though you could add it to your news section?
the statement was made in their cult news section which can be found by
going to Link To BBC

Thanks to Karen for this :)

I found this on a teletext page in the UK called the sci files. I
don’t know what those of us who don’t have Sky are meant to do now?

“Roswell disappears from sight

British fans of alien invasion drama Roswell have a double blow to
smart from. Production has ceased on the US series, prompting a 25000
signature petition mustered by fans to be sent to executives at the US
studio Fox. Now BBC chiefs have decided not to air the third season.
After reviewing its ratings performance on BBC2, they decided it just
wasn’t popular enough.

It follows the show being axed in April by Fox due to mediocre rating.
Roswell was based on claims that aliens landed in the New Mexico town
in 1947. It followed the trials of the descendants, posing as teens.
Items from the set are now part of an eBay Auction. A framed newspaper
article sold for £856″

Thanks to Louisa for this :)

To the British Fans,

I have set up a Petition to the BBC asking them to show Series 3, I hope you will all sign it, even if you will beable to see it on SKY. We must make ourselves be heard. Please go to the following address to sign: Sign Petition< The closing date for this petion is JUNE 6TH purposely chosen becuase Roswell starts on SKY on that day.


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Roswell reruns will start Thurshday 9.5. at 21:10 At SubTV here at Finland.
They are going to show Pilot then.

The Roswell reruns will continue to show every thurshday at 21:10 at SubTV
at here.

We can watch Roswell at two channels now here at Finland.

MTV3 is airing Season 3 at the moment at sundays and SubTV will start airing
Roswell reruns at thursdays at 21:10 finnish time.. They will start with
episode Pilot.


Thanks to Danny for this :)

In Germany Roswell will be shown Sunday at 16.00 Uhr PRO7 – it
start´s at 4.Mai with the first season!

In Austria they can watch the second season every Sunday at ORF1. It starts between 15.15 and 15.40 (Uhr)!


Thanks to Soufie for this :)

Hi! Here in Jakarta, Indonesia, Roswell Series is just entering it’s second season. Thanks to SCTV, we can continue to watch the show every Saturday at 15:00 pm. Also, i’m so happy since the Soundtrack has already arrived here! We really hope the station will keep on airing Roswell Series until it’s finale episode!


Thanks to nadianka who sent this on May 20

here in japan, the last episode of season 2 was on tv yesterday. The first
episode of season 1 will be on air next week, sunday from 11:20 pm.


Thanks to Nicky and Richard for the information :)

In New Zealand Roswell is one of the most popular shows on tv and it airs Tuesday nights at 8.30pm. We are actually only a week behind the USA and are up to “Who died and made you king”. The season premiere was the no 1 programme for the week it aired.
Max even appears in an ad on tv for the channel it airs on…
We are very disappointed it is ending…

Thanks to Rachel for this :)

New Zealand will be screening the finale, on Sunday 19th May. For the first
time, the episode will be screened only days after the US. It’s being
heavily promoted on TV2.

For the week beginning May 5th (Episode #316, Crash), Roswell rated 9th
most-watched show, with 15% of the 18-39 age group!