Special Roswell Philly Party items available

Thanks to Erin for sending this to me :)

Hi everyone! I’m letting you know that there are still more ways to support FSMA! All profits raised from the sales will benefit Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

1) Purchase a copy of the Roswell Philly Party videotape! From the web site: We had two professional videographers (Ernest & Tony) from Visions to Reality Photography and Videography, which is located in Philadelphia, PA. Right now, we’re tentatively anticipating that the length of the video will be anywhere from 2-3 hours long. It will contain scenes of fans mingling, reminiscing, dancing, bidding, meeting Majandra, and more! The video will also include Majandra’s memorable, sentimental and also hilarious Q&A session! If you were at the party, you’ll remember the two fan-created music videos (“Fans” & “Elevation”) by Erin (me). They’ll be on there, too! This is a must have for all fans of Roswell and/or Majandra Delfino’s music career! Even if you didn’t attend the party, you can still purchase a copy! To order, please see the official Roswell Philly web site at , or, more specifically: .

2) Purchase a copy of Majandra’s CD. I have all of the leftovers from my party. Now, while I love Majandra’s CD (and highly recommend it!), there is no need for one person to have 30 copies of one CD! So, if you would like one, please e-mail me your full name, shipping address, and your preferred method of payment (I will accept PayPal and money orders) to The first 30 people who e-mail me will be sent payment instructions. The cost is $13 (this includes shipping). If you’re one of the first 30 people to e-mail me, you will receive an e-mail notification within 24 hours of when you e-mail me.

Thanks everyone!