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Majandra answers more fan questions

Thanks to Majandra for taking the time to respond to more fan questions asked on her message board at Fanforum

*Jackie* – Do you and your sister have a lot in common personality wise? For
some reason she strikes me as one of those out there, funny, loud chicks and
you strike me as more laid back and mellow and quiet in a way. Is that true
or are your personalities actually a lot alike?

Me and my sister have very different personalities in the sense that she is
more social and I am more private. Only when you DO get me to go to a party I
am louder and more festive then her only because i’ve been resting to be able
to do some damage while my sister socializes more therefor is a little more

TeflonChica – What is one food that you love to eat but know it’s bad for
Now that Roswell has ended. How has it changed your life?? Apart from being
able to take more roles in other projects.Do you ever regret auditioning for
Roswell?What has been the biggest perk of being in Hollywood??

I love to eat lots of things that I am discovering contain Partially
hydrogenated oil which is such a bad fat for your heart. Im a firm believer
in good fats that have been proven to be necessary, only problem a lot of our
foods out these oils to give their products a longer shelf life. So I dont
feel guilty when I have cookie dough with normal fat but I feel bad when It
has the unnatural kind. Roswell ending has changed my life in the sense that
I have time to do alot of other things and I am no longer on a show or in
working situations that have a lot of negativity surrounding them. People
always say, hey Roswell’s what made you be happy your nothing without it, but
acting doesn’t work like a band. Sure when anyone from nsync goes solo it
sounds ungrateful but film is all about taking lots of baby steps, Roswell
having been one of them. Remember Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street anyone? Would
he be ungrateful wanting to move on to the career he has now? Its confusing
from an audience point of view im sure but over here there’s so many politics
involved it’s silly.

*Jackie* – Totally random but I’m going to ask it anyway. Does Marieh have
any tattoos?

MArieh has no tattoos. In fact we were supposed to get one together and she
didn’t like how the girl before us was crying so she backed out last minute.
I kept to my decision and just figured the crying girl was overreacting. I
was right, it felt like nothing, just a slight tickle and Im a fan of
giggling so I had a good time.

^cloud^ – What are right now the most important things for ya besides
Music??? tough one,huh. Is there anything in life that you regret?? Do you
sort of a feeling that you´ve wasted your time in the past???

I love when people really appreciate my music and when it’s helped them in
some way. I’ve found a lot of true music fans that have no interest in
anything else but being moved by it. I love that, it makes it all worth while
and performing for them a pleasure. I have never been a fan to any extent
like sci fi people are. The most is “I try to watch it a lot” and that’s
about it. Since I was a kid Ive had a strong grasp on the fact that these
people were actors and probably really boring and uninteresting in real life.
Ive always been in touch with the whole it’s just pretend thing. So while I
loved the concept of My So called Life I was more amazed with the artistic
stand point, the way these writers captured a girls thoughts the way they
did. THAT blew me away, so I was so impressed working and meeting with
Melinda Metz and just kinda like “huh thats funny” when I met Jared Leto
through a friend.

^cloud^ – So I wanna know how do you deal with your excitement(nervousness)
up on stage???
I know that many artist try to focus on a special person in the crowd or
sth. else to chill down so what is your “secret”??? And if you focus on
special person in the crowd is it b/c of sth. that she reflects to ya like
if she is smiling whole time or other expression or sth. else???

I like to experience nervousness full on. I feel it happens for a reason, I
think more clearly and really focus when my nerves kick in so I try not to
chase them away. I have a weird color eyes that kinda throws people off as to
where Im looking but Im usually in my own head or kinda singing to everyone.

MS MARGARitA SALt – is there a show on the WB that you’ll admit to watching
this past season?? do you think that now that Roswell is over, youll have
more time to tour in other places than LA and New York? Maybe MEMPHIS? ;p
Also, do you want to stay in touch with the rest of cast and talk to them on
a normal basis or just move on completly? Thanks! you rock!

I like the Gilmore girls on occasion it’s very sweet. I plan on releasing a
full record and then touring very soon, only things have been held back due
to an indie film im shooting at the moment. I will keep in touch with the
friend Ive made from the show. There are some people I will definitely not
keep in touch with as Is everyone’s experience on a long term job im sure.

The Real Momo – Majandra: There is a rumor going around saying that you were
on the Regis and Kelly Show saying FOX is considering picking up Roswell for
another season. I just happened to see the program for the air date
mentioned and you were definitely not on. For the record, please put this
rumor to rest if it’s not true and give the campaigners and Roswell fans the
real scoop on a possible Roswell resurrection. Thanks

I have never been on Regis or Kelly Show. I wish. If there where a roswell
resurrection they would have to recast because no one wants to come back to
be honest with you. So none of us are in the know since we are no longer
contractually obliged to this. After being fired 8 times from Bloomingdales
Im sure one would be uneasy of returning with any kind of decent moral.

The Maria – hey majandra, just wanted to ask if you enjoyed your stay in
Philly at the party. So did you?

I had a great time in Philly. It was a blast and a really cool city.

Siren_sinner – Have you ever heard of the singer Lennon? (Not John Lennon) I
love her cd. You should get it

I haven’t heard of Lennon, whats her deal? Whats her sound?

Whisper of Truth – Hey Majandra, I was wondering when you have your
extensions, do you put them in with glue or braiding? If you have done both,
which one do you recommend?

When I had my extensions on the show they where clipped in and then I got
these great horse pills that made my hair grow, uneven but grow. It’s
practically down to my waist now but I think Im gonna cut it cuz it look too
layered. Ahh the things you find in Paris. Oh yeah and last year when I had
those black ones in, they were braided. Either way it’s expensive and unless
someone else is paying for them its not worth it. Clip ins are better.

Parker22 – do you have any other upcoming appearances (live or on TV) that
we should be looking forward to?

I am filming an indie and I will be going to an Australia Roswell party that
I was confirmed for.

*forever* – do you think you’ll stop by MI on your tour? i remember reading
some previous answers to questions and you mentioned that you liked visiting
detroit…i think. haha, anyway, hopefully you can consider us on your map

The tour places totally depend on the finances but Ill try to go to as many
major cities as possible.

ericag1 – Ok now that the concert in NY is over. What was you feeling when
you saw the crowd? And how did you feel when the concert ended? so momma
when are you going to update your diary?

I loved the NY concert. Was very happy, I know Im happy when I have a good
time up there crowdless or not. I am in a very small town filming a movie
where Internet use is limited, so needless to say the diary is lacking.

Nefetiri – did you get to go to your prom in highschool? coz i know because
of filming you missed a lot of school and what was your most memorable event
that happened while you were in highschool?

I went to a highschool where cheerleading was for dumb asses and so was prom.
No one went really. It was just something you told your parents your were
going to while you really went somewhere else. I took a weekend off and went
to New York with my best girls. Most memorable event in high school? Visiting
my other friends high school when my snotty school had snotty days off. She
went to this ghetto school where everybody beat each other up, I liked it cuz
the chaos fascinated me.

Postman – What do you think about Roswell Soundtrack??

Roswell soundtrack is damn cool. Im sad they didn’t use the original Fear by
Sarah MacLaughlin. Im not a big fan of dance remixes.

BruisedTattoo – Have you ever been in the hospital for something serious?
Like have you ever passed out or something and had to go to the hospital?
Did you stay overnight or was it just a daily thing?

I’ve been to the hospital for stitches and stuff like that. I did sleep next
to Brendan during his hernia operation and his arm surgery. I was devastated
cus the Roswell big wigs didn’t let him go to the hospital. He went to the ER
and was told he needed to have surgery immediately but the roswell head had
him come in to work anyway and shoot the day without any medical attention so
as to not waste any money. Besides that being illegal it was taking advantage
of a nice boy who didnt want to cause any problems. They do that, if your
sweet they just walk all over it so I had to be the loud one and threaten
them to let him get operated. They didn’t listen, he worked 8 hours with a
broken limb.

Sierra Christina – If you were stranded on an island and were only “allowed”
to bring three items or belongings,what would they be and why.

Water, Protein Powder and Wednesday, my dog.

maria_girl – I read that Brendan Fehr really likes the speed and he is
really crazy when he is driving…Does he really do that?.. what kind of
driver are you? Do you like the speed too ?

Brendan likes speed but is so responsible with everything in life that he
only drives fast when it’s legal too. So basically never. He isn’t reckless,
atleast not when he has somebody else in the car. I drive a little slower
now. I kind of take on the personality of the car, I drive a station wagon
now so Im sure you get the point (gramma style all the way! Hehe)

Ashley – When you were filming “Traffic” in Cincinnati, what places did you
visit? And, I know this is lame, but did you ever visit the town Loveland
that’s right next to Indian Hill?

I would go to ballet class everyday in Cincinnati and window shop at
Tiffany’s and that’s it.

Javavic – My question is how do you keep yourself in good shape? Do you eat
well and exercise, or diet, or are you just one of those lucky people who
can eat and not exercise and not gain any weight?

Im pretty lucky in the sense the obesity does not run in my family but I have
no ass and tend to get a pot belly which is just not cool. It’s like thanks
man, I look like im pregnant. So I have to be careful with not eating TOO
much cookie dough because unlike most girls I cant just hide it in tight
fitting jeans or whatever. Im like a guy. I have a boy body, that’s not too

Charlemagne’s Pet Whore – I have to say Ski-Ming and Oil and Water are my
fav tracks in the entire album. I love the whole dark theme of The Sicks,
but have to ask you, why did you put Hell and Bliss in there? Was it to add
some kind of light at the end of the tunnel….or was it because it would
‘appeal more to Roswell fans who saw you as Maria’- My friend and I were
arguing your motivation over dinner last week, and I just wondered.

I never compromised my music for anything especially for Roswell. Most of my
songs and problems where written WAY before Roswell was a chapter in my life.
Labels asked for happier songs and people in generally scoffed at the whole
thing but its how I felt its what I heard. I have people write lines for me,
put me in wardrobe, prop me up and puppeteer me 80% of my day so there was no
way marketing silliness was gonna pollute the one thing I had to myself. No
compromise, even if my own parents where appalled, it was the one honest
thing I could pull of without having someone else interfere. So as for Hell
and Bliss, I was happy that day, happy at the shittyness of a situation in my
life I found it humorous and that is the vein of the song. In fact it has
been reproduced to capture more of how I felt. On The Sicks it was treated as
more of a simple hidden track rather then a fully produced one.

Maliejandra – Of all the movies you have been in, which was your favorite?

I would have to say The Secret Life of Girls. The director and i had so much
in common and I really look up to her as an artist. She wrote a wonderful
true story and did a wonderful job of putting out there.

DeSTiNeD4FaMe22 – Your Music is the shizin Majandra, being a music person my
self, my friends and i were wondering if you were ever thinking of selling
guitar tabs for your music, i know a HELL of a lot of people who would buy
them, because like me, we all LOVE your music.

Yeah, if im ever to that point where people give a crap enough for a tab
company to feel they’d profit on such a thing Id be down for it in a second.

*Jackie* – Have you seen The Osbournes yet? There have only been two
episodes so far but I was just wondering if you’ve caught one yet. That show
is so funny and that family is just the best!

I haven’t caught the osbornes yet, just glimpses. I know Kelly, she’s friends
of Shiri’s so Its a little different for me.

Aly02 – What sort of Shampoo do you use? Sounds really dumb, I know. But I like your hair!

I use Phyto products. French stuff. I also like Terax, its an Italian line. I
believe in only using things that are herbal and beneficiary to your hair.

optimistic lyricist – You mentioned you were coming to the UK with Anthony
in the summer, so does this mean you might be doing a gig?? And will you be
attending any festivals while your here? I don’t know how you feel about
riot grrl type music but theres a brilliant festival called Ladyfest on in
London…not that I’ll be there or anything…

A lot of European labels are considering working with us so hopefully that
will bring us out there. I wouldn’t have a problem looking into Ladyfest,
sound like fun.

Riley Summers – Majandra- Coming to Canada any time soon?

No Canada trips in the future, I hope to go to Toronto soon. Im itching.