John Doe on Tour “Exile Follies”

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I had the privilege to see John Doe play his music live at the Somerville (Mass)
Theatre on Sept 24, a grand former vaudeville theater with only a few hundred
seats. He is on tour with Kristin Hersch and Grant-Lee Phillips in “The Exile
Follies.” As great a job as he did with his acting on “Roswell,” it is clear
that music is his true love and vocation. He has a very engaging stage
presence, great voice, accessible and likeable music, and some awesome guitar
skills. Information on the tour can be found at
I hope more fans can get to hear John Doe in concert. He is promoting his new
CD “Dim Stars, Bright Sky” (he thanks the ‘Roswell cast & crew’ among the
people he thanks on the liner notes).