C.R.A.V.E. Campaign

Thanks to jero for sending this in:

Yes… We Rant…Yes…We Rave…
because it’s Roswell…that we Crave…
come and join the C.R.A.V.E. Endeavor…
the bottom line…Roswell Forever!
Join the Variety…Ad Campaign…
support the cause…don’t just complain…
help us get…our Roswell back…
help us with…the C.R.A.V.E. Attack!
(Poem by noseedough)

Heads up people! With the approval and support of Crashdown and Fan Forum…
There’s a new Roswell renewal campaign underway!

C.R.A.V.E. ~ Calling Roswellians… Advertisement in Variety Endeavor

Our goal is to convince The SCIFI Channel to continue the Roswell story.

To spread the word about the Roswell reruns on The SCIFI Channel in January we want to place a full-page ad in the national edition of Daily Variety sometime in late December or early January. This is the most ambitious fan advertising campaign ever attempted…

We want the ad to be in COLOR!


For ALL of the details please visit www.RoswellCRAVE.com (We created a campaign website outside of Crashdown so as to not use up their resources.)


PLEASE: Include your posting name and where you’re from with ALL contributions!

Online: Send PayPal to varietyad@yahoo.com there is a PayPal button on the CRAVE website for your convenience.

By Mail: Money Orders or Bank Checks (no personal checks please) in U.S. funds ONLY, made payable to JERI BEIL can be sent to:

Roswell CRAVE
c/o Jeri Beil
P.O. Box 605
Caseyville, IL 62232
United States

You can help by spreading the word about the reruns and this campaign. If you would like to do more, please join us on the following CRAVE thread at the Roswell(2) message board at FanForum. That is where this campaign was born: