Roswell Mentioned in SOD

Thanks to Sheila for this. I’m going through all my past mail since I really haven’t been able to be on much lately so I hope no one minds ‘older’ news.

From: Soap Opera Digest – 10/29/02 pg.48

Sing Along: Digest Names that tune

Q: I watched the Christmas episode of ROSWELL, and I know this was awhile ago, but could you please help me? Someone sang “Silent Night,” and I checked the credits to see who it was, but they didn’t say. What a voice! Who was it?

A.S., Boston, MA

A: We’re guessing that you are referring to “A Roswell Christmas Carol” from the second season of the series. The version of “Silent night” used on that show was by Angie Aparo. The tune was available on the Atlanta radio station 99X’s Christmas 2000 CD, titled 99Xmas, and Target’s 2000 Christmas Sampler, but is not currently available. You can learn more about Aparo at his Web site, Click Here for Website