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March 5, 2003

The following has not been checked or read over. Proceed at your own risk of thinking I’m retarded.

syniztar, a new fan asks

Does anyone know his Hockey number?? [syniztar may be referring to your current team number or his high school team number]

My hockey number is 16 because of Trevor Linden.

Sickofitall a student in Europe & new to Fan Forum asks

How do you let off steam when someone mucks your good mood or when you’re angry at the world?

I’m always angry at the world and am very rarely in a good mood to muck but on those off times I listen to music really loud and hold my own personal concerts. The reviews are always great.

Do you stay awake long at night when you don’t need to work the day after? And if you do, what is it that keeps you awake? Reading? Listen to music?

My average bedtime is probably 12 or 1 even when I have to get up early. Elimidate keeps me up til then along with Blind Date and reruns of 3rd Rock and Everybody Loves Raymond. And I always have the radio on to fall asleep to.

The rest can be read on his website Rant & Rage