More Save Roswell In the Media

Thanks to John G for sending this in! This article talks a lot about us, the save the site campaigns, and so on.

From Naples Daily News:

Antenna: Are we being served Michigan J. Frog legs?

Friday, March 10, 2000

By CHRIS SILK, Staff Writer

The complete article is available here. [not available anymore]

…..Rumor has it that only one of the three, “Roswell,” “Popular” or “Jack & Jill” gets a second season. To date, none of them has exactly torn up the ratings, but “Roswell” has garned the most critical support and has a strong fan base as well. Internet site has information on a “Save Roswell” campaign if you’re dead set on keeping this show on the air. Apparently, and I find this hilarious, there’s a movement afoot to send, of all things, bottles of Tabasco sauce to network executives to prove this show’s popularity. The aliens like hot and spicy. Here’s hoping WB bigwigs like it too.

Also in the “Roswell” corner is former “Star Trek: TNG” star Jonathan Frakes. Ex-commander Riker executive produces and has had roles in the pilot and an episode when a sci-fi convention comes to town. I’d be inclined to think that he carries some weight. Also, and this is totally funny, one of the denizens of an Internet message board, known only as Mr. Manager (he’s the manager of “Roswell” co-star Brendan Fehr) has hinted that the show is doing OK with the bigwigs. My money is on “Roswell.” Then again, I thought “Harsh Realm” would be a hit. It lasted three episodes.

Again. Who are these Nielsen people?

I don’t have the strength to analyze it all here, as I just realize that I’ve written a 2,000 word manifesto on teen drama, but just go to and find the message board for your favorite, or not so favorite show, and you can find out all about it.


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