The Big Giveaway Campaign!

Hello Roswell Fans!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to promote Roswell right now. Many
fans have done a lot of hard work e-mailing the WB, Sponsors, WB Affiliates
and the Media. Others have been recruiting like crazy. We would like to
reward some of that hard work. In addition, we are hoping to encourage more
fans to participate in the campaigning.

Effective immediately, we are starting a new Giveaway Campaign. Fans should
now include the following e-mail address in the bcc: portion of their e-mails
to the WB, Roswell Sponsors, WB Affiliates, Media organizations and any
people that you are recruiting. This should be in addition to putting the 4
WB addresses on the cc: bar. We would also like to know about any activities
that you do to promote the show. Have you been handing out Roswell Flyers in
your city? Are you sending e-mails to friends to create new fans? We
definitely want to know about it. Send all such information to us as well.

In recognition for all of your hard work, we will be giving away prizes and
Roswell merchandise. Each week, a really active Roswell Promoter will be
recognized for their efforts. We have a Lexmark Z32 color jet printer 1200
dpi (7.5 pages per minute) to give away. We also have Roswell trading cards
and copies of various Roswell scripts to give away. This is going to be
really fun! Please join us. We want to make sure that season 3 becomes a

Go here for more information about what you can be doing:

Any questions can be directed to: , , , or

Thanks again for everyone’s help!

The Campaign Crew and theDDD

Check out the printer here:

We have our first winner in The Big Giveaway Campaign!

The winner is Andrea (roswellfan4ever). And the first prize is a copy of the
script for ‘To Serve and Protect’. Congratulations to Andrea for being the
most diligent campaigner for Roswell last week! :)

Winning is very simple, everyone, so please participate if you haven’t
already. The next prize is a set of 90 Roswell trading cards!

Go here for more info on The Big Giveaway Campaign:

And don’t forget, when you mail your letters in to The WB the week of April
16, send a copy to so you can again be eligible to
win a great Roswell prize!

Keep at the campaigning, Roswell fans!

~The Campaign Crew and theDDD