Various Magazine/Newspaper Articles On ‘Roswell’

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In the latest number of Salut, a french magazine there is an article about
Jason and Brendan & Roswell (2 pages)

But best of all, there is a poster of the gang (Max,Liz; Isobel and Michael).

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“Get ready for Jason Behr – the movie star. The Roswell spunk just signed on for the impressive new flick, The Shipping News. He’ll co-star with Aussie Cate Blanchett and Kevin Spacey from American Beauty.”

Also while I was reading through an old Dolly mag from March, I saw this article in it about Dido.

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Just got my June issue of Movieline and there is a little (tiny blurb) and photos of Jason & Katie promoting the Mossimo fashion line.

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I wasn’t sure if you’d posted this yet, but, in Issue 80 (May 2001) of
Dreamwatch (with David Boreanaz on the cover and Katherine Heigl inset)
there’s a 4 page piece on Katherine Heigl called “Roswell: Take Two”
(pg.50). There’s also a page devoted to a Roswell episode guide for the
first eleven episodes of season 2 (pg. 77). Needless to say most of the
episodes got a 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 5 rating from the magazine — I
can’t say I’d disagree.

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In the newest edition of teen people on page 118 here is a little article and
picture(of aliens not actors) at the UFO Encounter Festival. The article
Whats it’s about: Each summer alien enthusiasts beam down to roswell for a
week of costume parties,laser shows and appearances by Star Trek alumni and
sci-fi writers.
What Keeps them Coming Back: “Im not really into the alien thing, but i have
fun,” says Ryan Rodgers, 16, a sophmore at Roswell’s Robert H.Goddard
High.”People talk about the wierdest stuff. It’s unlike anything else.”

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Hey guys, here is the Majandra Scan from Maxim

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Wicked” Magazine (May/June issue) is dedicated to horror
The article is about how some of the cast was chosen, how they spent
their time in that excessive heat, and some of the plot line.
Brendan’s pictured twice, one very large, and it mentions Roswell in a
small blip about it being ‘edgy’

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SUNDAY, April 29, 2001

BUBBLE TROUBLE Looks like ”The Fugitive” is still running for his life. The Tim Daly starrer, along with fellow CBS dramas ”Family Law,” ”Kate Brasher,” and ”That’s Life,” is dangling by its fingertips waiting for the Eye to decide whether to renew it for the fall. At NBC, the forecast looks bleak for ”Three Sisters,” ”The Fighting Fitzgeralds,” ”DAG,” and the pricey, though tepidly rated, drama ”Third Watch.” At ABC, the fates of ”The Geena Davis Show” and ”Gideon’s Crossing” are still up in the air, while Fox is mulling over the future of ”The Lone Gunmen.” Over at the WB, a dark cloud looms over ”Hype,” ”Grosse Pointe,” ”Roswell,” and ”Jack & Jill.” As for UPN? We’re gonna go out on a limb and say the netlet will be back

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In the Sunday Chicago Tribune (dated April 29, 2001), there’s and article in the arts&entertainment section that listed what show would be likely to get renewed and which wasn’t and things of that sort. Under the WB network, it listed Roswell under life support- meaning, the chances of another season looks slim. Along with Roswell, “Popular”, “Jack & Jill”, “Angel” and “Grosse Pointe.”

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In the Chicago Tribune Sunday edition, they had a page
in the Arts and Entertainment section on “Taking the
Pulse of TV”. Basically it used medical metaphors to
analyze all the major networks future outlooks. You
can read the full article here:,2669,SAV-0104290436,FF.html

Roswell is “On Life Support”, which means it is
faltering and could pull through or have its plug

It’s also a very interesting article for looking at
the other TV networks.

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The shows on the bubble this year include CBS offerings with heavily female audiences like “Family Law” and “Kate Brasher” as well as “Nash Bridges,” “That’s Life (news – Y! TV)” and “The Fugitive (news – Y! TV)”; NBC’s “Fighting Fitzgeralds,” “Three Sisters” and “Weber Show”; the ABC shows “The Job,” “Two Guys and a Girl,” “Norm,” “The Geena Davis Show” and “What About Joan”; and Fox’s “Lone Gunmen.” On the smaller WB, “Angel,” “Jack and Jill,” “Popular” and “Roswell” are among the shows that may not be renewed.

for the rest of the article

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In the April 30 issue of The New York Times, Roswell was listed as one of the
WB shows that are on the brink of cancellation. The entire article deals
with how shows are cancelled and the thought process that goes into the
planning of what shows get cancelled. One writer had said, “We’ve grown
accustomed to the state of constant anxiety and dread.” Umm, yeah, I am like
loosing my hair wondering if our dear show will ever return and if so, on
what channel! The article is very informative, do read! You will find it

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I realize that these are not recent, or current articles, but I thought you
guys might be interested anyways. While looking through the magazine stacks
at the library I noticed that Starlog magazine has several issues with
articles on the cast of Roswell. Issue 281 (Dec/00) features Shiri Appleby;
issue 272 features Jason Behr, and other issues feature William Sadler,
Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino, but I don’t remember which issues.