Silver Handprint Campaign Update

Thanks to kaye for sending this in!

Okay, guys, now is the time to get off our tails and get mailing. Monday marks the start of the final six reruns, and the lead-in to the new season. Now is also the time that these magazines are meeting their deadlines for the October and November issues!

We have already had some really good feedback from this. Irish Queen (Erin) has had an interview with an editor from TV Guide, and they will be running a small feature on Roswell and our efforts in the September 2 edition of TV Guide Ultimate Cable. We have reports that EW is making good remarks, both on and off the record, about us and the show — brought on by the emails and mail they’ve received.

Publications that were ready to throw dirt on Roswell’s grave last spring are now waking up to see the show for what it really is — and publications that were on our side last year are ready for round 2! Let’s give them the ammo they need to help us make a difference!

This is something that everyone can do — and it’s really easy to do. To recap:

1. Get a piece of black paper (construction or otherwise), put some silver paint on your hand, and make a silver handprint.
2. Then write “Roswell: We Believe” on that same page, and mail it in with a short handwritten letter to the addresses above.

If you weren’t able to send to the previous targets, send them now! It won’t hurt a bit.

The letter can say any number of things, as long as it is *positive*. NO bashing here! You can go off on how much you love the show, how it’s touched your life, how much you’re looking forward to next season… and put in how much you appreciate that particular publication, and how you hope that they will listen to their viewers/readers and run a feature on the show, on the cast, whatever.

***One important reminder (and this is for the people who may not have seen it before, there have been no problems with this lately.) We are not to campaign to the WB! Any contact with the WB about the show needs to be through other venues, such as polls, or emails on how you like the new promos or whatever. Nothing campaign-ish.***

You guys are doing an awesome job — and I know we can do this! We all pulled together to get the show renewed, and to pull off an incredible party, and to raise all that money for RIHHIN (wow!!!)… and now we need to do the same to make sure that our show sees the 22-ep renewal that it deserves!

So get ready, get set, go! Get those handprints in, get the emails out (see the press email thread on Ros2), and email the sponsors. This is how we’ll do it!

Awesome job, everyone, keep it up!