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Crashdown has a new Host!

This website has a new hosting company and new messageboard. Welcome to Media, a new and exciting internet community. The winds of change have been blowing through the halls of cyberspace, bringing with them several important changes to the Fan Forum community. Goldenboy (the owner of Fan Forum) and the other administrators have decided to part company in order to better focus on different arenas of fandom. As a result, a number of visible changes have taken place. The most notable change is with respect to the web sites that have been hosted on Fan Forum. Fan Forum will become a message board only community, and most of the web sites that were housed on its servers are moving to a new home — Media This new venture is being established by the departing administrators and several other staff members, and will be moving in a different direction than that of Fan Forum. In addition to hosting the web sites, Media Blvd will provide a message board community that focuses on many different areas of interest, including parenting, hobbies, sports, health & fitness, and other topics not currently available on Fan Forum.

The Fan Forum site will continue to exist and will be controlled and run by Goldenboy, who will be taking a more visible role in the day-to-day operations of the site. Some current staff members will be leaving, others will be remaining, and still others will be participating on both sites.We sincerely hope that all of our posters embrace these new developments, and encourage current members to post on both sites should they wish to do so. In respecting the rules of Fan Forum, we would ask that not be advertised on Fan Forum or promoted thru its resources. If you would like to invite friends to come here, please do so by word of mouth, through emails, chat or a PM system.