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Majandra answers fan questions from her message board

Majandra answered more questions from her message board at Mediablvd.com

arimi – Hey Majandra, Being a huge fan of sushi myself…
1. Sashimi or Sushi?
Majandra – I actually like both equally. I love it all.
2. How much to you like your wasabi? Ginger?
Majandra – I love lots and lots of wasabi in my soy sauce. I eat the ginger alone.
3. I know in LA there is a lot of fusion restaurants, are you a fan of that? If they were to do that to sushi?
Majandra – I love fusion if it’s good things they are fusing together. I would definitely be down with sushi being in the equation.
4. I know that my friend Vin had sent you a ceramic box with your “M” on it. I got to see a picture of it b4 she sent it off. I thought it was too cool. Did you like it?
Majandra – I LOVED IT!!! I brag about it and show it to people and tell them Im cool cause I have a box with my logo on it. I love it. Vin is amazing.

Francesca – 1) Do you prefer travelling by car, bike, ship or flying? 2) Can I send you one of my drawings? I love drawing so much…!
Majandra – I don’t mind. Depends where I’m going. I wouldn’t want to travel to Miami from LA on a bike but they’re all good for their purpose. Send me a drawing, I would love to see it.

Just Peachy – Hi Majandra, If you came to Australia what would be some of the places that you’d like to visit?
Majandra – I dont know. I would have to ask someone who lives there. I like to do less of the tourist stuff.

Vallygirl – Hi Majandra, you’re a very creative person and I was wondering have or would you ever try your hand at writing a screenplay like Matt and Ben did with Good Will Hunting?
Majandra – I’ve tried here and there. I just can’t ever finish it. One day though.

Francesca – Hi sweet Majandra, What is your favourite season of Roswell?
Majandra – I would have to say the first season when it was what it was meant to be. It was more organic and pure. The next two seasons it was a little too tampered with.

funny little woman – 1:what will you prefer to be: fairy or princess?
Majandra – FAERY!!! Wings man? Absolutely.

2:you’ve said that you like charmed,what’s your fav’ character?
Majandra – I used to watch charmed the first season. I had this strange fascination with Shannon Doherty. She’s so…interesting right?
But I cant say I ever had a favorite character. It never got to that point.

3:do you believe in Wicca and Spirits?
Majandra – I try not to open myself up to those things. Im latin, there’s a lt of Santoria where I come from and it’s believed if you think it’s true it can work for you, the good and the bad.I stay out of it entirely.

4:have you ever had a cat?
Majandra – Yes when I was very young. He was mean.

5:as you know, in lot of country, you have a different voice. would you like to hear them? (in France you’ve the same french voice as Meg Ryan )
Majandra – That’s so cool. I would love to hear it. Im flattered I have the French Meg Ryan voice. I’ll take it however I can get it.

6:where do you find your inspiration?
Majandra – Mmm. When I realize how boring acquiring material things can be and how meaningless things feel when you’re not being creative.

7:what’s you natural hair color? (everyone tells me that it’s blonde but i’m not sure)
Majandra – I have no clue! Kidding, It’s like a dishwater dirty blonde. I just get a few highlights around my face and that’s all for me folks. I hate doing stuff like that. The more highlights the longer you’re walking around like an A hole with tinfoil on your head.

8:do you know the band “mecano” with singer ana torroja? i really like the song “hijo de la luna”!
Majandra – Can’t say I have ever heard of it.

Stav – Majandra, I was wondering about your relationship with Shiri (Liz) on Roswell. You two came across as the best of best friends on screen, did this translate to off screen as well? and do you still keep in touch with her and fellow castmates?
love you work!
Majandra – Shiri is very different then I am. She’s very social and I tend to be a stay at home and paint kind of person. She’s close to me in my heart and we can always pick up the phone and feel like no time has lapsed whatsoever. Sometimes we will come together and do something productive like pottery or whatever and it’s very nice.

Vallygirl – What is your favorite family tradition? Is there a particular dish that you are looking forward to that you only have around the holidays like pumpkin pie or chestnut stuffing?
Majandra – Well nothing comes to mind except my mothers strong egg nog. It makes me feel all tingly. Tee hee.

alfhasacombover – 1. if you were to construct your own dream boy, but you were only allowed to use parts from celebrities (dead or alive) . . . whose smile, eyes, sense of humor, personality, body type, voice, hair, intellect, etc. would you use?
Majandra – I would have to go with all things Devon Gummersall and If that didn’t pan out then Johnny Depp.
2. have you ever been in such deep thought while listening to a song, that your mind started to make a music video of what you were thinking of?
Majandra – Every single friggin time!

Vallygirl – Hi Majandra, in your bio it say you went to a school for performing arts and I was wondering are they anything like we saw in the movie or tv show Fame? Also when you performed in school productions were the musical or straight drama? Would you care to do a play or a musical now?
Majandra – I would love to do a musical. Always have. That’s what I majored in at the performing art school-Musical Theater. The school I attended was very nice. Kids were so creative and free and didn’t judge you on how over the top someone was or how low key someone was. It was a very embracing school. All anyone wanted was to be free and create with ease.

nephelite – This is more a Marieh question but I hope that you can still answer it. I read that your sister is a classical pianist and that she is also trying harmonia. Is that true?
Majandra – Well I started piano when I was four so my sister started too. She became a little more disinterested in it as the years went by and then eventually quit. She did want to give a stab at the harmonica but I dont think she has gotten around it to it yet. She will though, I know it.

kateafur – Probably an impossible question, but which of your songs are you most proud of? And which one is a sentimental favorite?
Majandra – Well I have a lot of new songs that I am trying to put on my web site when it is finished that make me proud, because this time I will be producing too and that has been interesting. There is one that makes me very sentimental…I’ll see what you think maybe Im being silly but it’s sweet to me.

arimi – Oh this is strange, would have thought someone would have ask, guess not. At the premiere of Jeepers Creepers 2, saw a pic of you sporting a new Tattoo. A few of us were debating on what it was. Care to clear up the confusion?
Majandra – I was doing a movie at the time called State’s Evidence where I play a goth girl and I had just come from the set. I also had black hair in underneath my own hair that belonged to the character as well.

Forrestal – Majandra, what inspires you when you are writing your songs? What type of process has it been when you wrote them?
I write poetry, but it is effected by my mood just when the feeling or emotion hits me. Is it similar for you with your songs?
Majandra – One hundred percent. I write what I am feeling at the moment the same goes for melodies. I hear melodies when I feel certain things, then I combine the two in hopes of something that will entertain someone out there.

LuckyMiss – Majandra, do you like cold weather? And, in your opinion, what is cold weather? (Also, do you say that it’s ‘freezing’ outside like my roommate when it’s in the 60’s, seeing that you’re from Miami). Random, yes. But interesting, right? Erin
Majandra – Well It’s cold for me in Toronto right now. I would say it was freezing If I wasn’t equipped with the right gear. I never call LA freezing. I grew up going to Sun Valley Idaho as a kid and playing in the snow and all that so Miami isn’t my only point of reference.

FrenchMajandra – I was wondering what you think about those TV shows where people are in a sort of singing school and are voted off each week (sorry I don’t know the US name for these shows, here it’s called ‘star academy’ or ‘pop star’ but I’m pretty sure you have those shows in the USA too)? Do you think it’s a great opportunity for the candidates to be seen on TV, to be discovered and then maybe start a carreer? Or do you think it’s a delusion? Do you think what they are teached is respectful of their personality or not ?
Majandra – Well I assume most of those kids would like to be Pop Stars and stuff like that so It is perfect for what they are looking for. I could understand how it would be someone’s dream thing.

FrenchMajandra – – Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do you think it’s just something that is seen in movies?
Do you think true love is rather selfish or do you think true love is when the persons are willing to sacrifice themselves/their love for the other’s own good? Would you say that ‘birds of a feather flock together’ or that ‘opposites attract’ ?
Majandra – Hmm a little bit of both now? I dont think you should be too opposite because you need to make up for what the other lacks but their needs to be comfort where people’s similarities overlap. I like to get to know people for a couple of months or even years before I date them. It’s nice because boys see you as the guy and they act themselves around you and that’s a good insight into whether they are good people or not. When it’s on a date and they just want to get you they can often be a little let themselves then they would normally be. This is my thinking.

2 – Do you have stage fright before your concerts ? If so, how does it show and what do you do to calm you down a little bit?
Majandra – I get nervous but I love it so I don’t try to calm myself down. I enjoy it.

shobhna guerin – 1. what’s your favorite color?
Majandra – Deep deep purple and Moss Green and Chocolate Brown.

2. who is your favorite character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S?
Majandra – Hmmm. Pheobe? I dont know, they’re all good.

3. do you like rock music? If so, then which are some of your favorite bands?
Majandra – Rock. Well at one point The Beatles where classified as rock and that’s still rock to me. The best rock ever.

4. where do you like to go best for vacation?
Majandra – Nantucket with my boyfriend.

5. what did you think of Jeepers Creepers 2?
Majandra – My sister was the best thing in the movie. She was awesome.

6. IF Roswell came back for a season 4 or a movie, would you come back as Maria?
Majandra – Hell yeah! I dont know about another season though! Phew! Hopefully people had a nice break and they would be a little more fun at the work place. I just did an episode of Boston Public and I realized that not all TV show set’s have to feel like a funeral. It gives me hope for the future!

7. which is your favorite sport?
Majandra – Ooh. Im not much of a sports person. I like watching people I know play basketball or softball and stuff like that. I do like to participate in a little touch football here and there. Hehe.

8. which of your songs is your favorite?
Majandra – Hmm. One I wrote a while back called MAD. It sums it all up.

9. what is Siren about? What inspired you to write it?
Majandra – A relationship that felt just as painful as it did pleasurable, as only a 16 year old could feel.

morningstar – sometimes it could hapen that I did something and after I had to say never ever again. Is there anything in your past ( a desicion or something) you would never do again?
Majandra – Nope. I feel like it all helps something else out that ended up being the best thing for you. SO I don’t want to mess with it.

MM4ever1717 – in your song”Bruises”, i hear talking in the background and i was just wondering if you can tell me what yout saying? And when our you coming to LA or somewhere near Orange County, California??? Your Fan, Sarah.
Majandra – Well Im talking to my old producers about the guy I liked at the time when I wrote Bruises. Then Anthony my old producer asked me to say “Daddy I have to Pee” because we were crazy like that.

Forrestal – Being a newer fan maybe you have been asked this before. I know Majandra is your name from your sister, but do you have another nickname you go by? I have seen different names for you on the fan boards, but don’t know if you have one that you go by.
Majandra – The nicknames are as follows: M. MAD. Mo. MoDeeFah. Tenacious D. CoolMoDee. Madge.

Katariina – Greetings from Finland. I have listened your songs and I like them very much. I would like to see you in concert sometimes but I thought it’s not possible because I live in Finland. We don’t even have your CDs here or anything. I think you are not comming here? But now I have a chance to come to USA next summer (2004) and I was just wondering if you already know will you do a concert tour or something then in USA or are you perhaps comming to Europe? I don’t know if I ask this too soon and I’m sorry if I do but I just want to try ask now because it would be so great to hear you sing at live.
Majandra – I have nothing yet, but my web site which should be up very very soon will let you know whether I have anything pending. I would love to have the opportunity to play somewhere you could come see.

FrenchMajandra – How do you react/what do you think when you receive all those questions
that we fans post here?
a) They love me! I’m really grateful and happy people do appreciate my acting and singing.
b) God, what kind of crazy questions did they make up this time?
c) Cool, I’m gonna have fun reading and answering the questions, these people crack me up sometimes!
d) How boring! Don’t they never get fed up with their asking questions?
e) I wish I had more time to answer more questions and make them even
f) Wow, more questions?! How imaginative are they! Aren’t they never at a loss for ideas?
g) Any other reaction:…..
Majandra – I answer them right away and enjoy telling you what you want to know. No question is ever strange or boring to me.

Sue – What did you do in London and did you have an awesome time? What are your best memories?
Majandra – I had a great time. We saw so many things. The National Guard, The changing of the guard, the royal jewels, the royal mews, the royal gallery, a lot of museums and exhibits. We also ate very well and took the subway everywhere and had a blast at Hever Castle. Many cute photos from that trip. We hitchhiked home from Hever and a very nice couple drove us to the train station and it was all because I had pink gloves on that my boyfriend had just purchased for me the day before on sale somewhere. Ahh the cheese and onion crisps. The rich tea digestives. I miss it all.

candyspark – I was just wondering what you are looking forward to the most about performing in Paris next February? I’m really excited about seeing you in concert and just want to take this opportunity of wishing you good luck as well as a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Majandra – Everything. The fans make it magical. Shows with boring fans make it so boring for me too. Last time I was in France and I sang for everyone it made it the best show I’ve had to date.

kateafur – was just wondering what you could tell us about “Celeste in the City.” Are you having fun in Toronto?
Majandra – I am having fun. I have a week left. It’s been tough with Christmas coming and all but It’ll be nice to get home and do the whole Christmas thing. I love the script of this movie and I really love the cast they are fun and appreciative and sweet and giving. That makes things great. I could do this forever (in LA of course! I miss my home!)

Vallygirl – Hey Majandra, keeping with the holiday theme….what was your favorite Christmas present you got when you were a child?
Majandra – I would have to say my favorite Christmas gift. Gosh It’s hard because I don’t remember sometimes. What comes to mind is a Little Twin Stars Jewelry box from “Santa”

shobhna guerin – something quite similar to what Val jsut asked: What do you want as a Christmas present this year?
Majandra – An IPOD!