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Brendan will participate a celeb softball game

Yesterday, Brendan posted on his website:

I think it’s the 47th or somewhere around there anyway, but on August 7th, which is a Saturday, I will be participating in a celebrity softball game to benefit some charity. ‘Scuse the ignorance, I’m actually not sure, I’m not just being obnoxious. Not this time anyways. Batting practice apparently starts at 4:00 so I’m assuming the game will be about 5. It is prior to a 7:10 start of the Dodgers/Phillies showdown. The uniforms of the players will be auctioned off for charity and I’d just like to say I don’t really enjoy wearing underwear so….. Just joking. Well not really, but I do wear my sliding shorts underneath so sorry, or actually maybe, your welcome. Depends I guess. Just thought I’d throw that out there, it’s for a good cause even though I don’t know what exactly that is yet. Thanks.