Majandra’s Website is back!

Yesterday, I wanted to tell you about the “Come Back Very Soon” message on Majandras Homepage – but today the site is open again and it has an amazing new layout. The very talented webmaster, Tom, of the official French Website is responsible for this new design. Please take a look:!

Majandra wrote in her Diary today:

August 26, 2004

Welcome to the new site my lovelies. I am madly madly in love with it. Tom is a gifted man. I hope you enjoy it greatly. Devon and I have been crazy trying to put his short film together. We are both in it and he directed and wrote it and now we are in post-production. I am doing all the sound stuff (looping, music supervision, score and what not) and it’s been fun and terrible all at the same time. My technological equipment is down for the count and It kinda makes things hard for all of us involved. Well I hope everyone is good and I hope to see you soon for some reason or another. I’m off to tackle this nonsense and hopefully make something nice of it. Buenas Noches ese.