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When Roswell Fans Became DANS – Oh, Sweet Tea!!

Many thanks to Krista!

Baron And Toluca Shipper Names

As previously stated, the Roswell shipper names came naturally and the fans of Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr’s exciting project B+T are no exception in creating unique names to show their dedication to the project.

During the Baron And Toluca tweet-a-thons, an autocorrect error caught the attention of fans and even Brendan Fehr himself! On that night, one phrase united the fans in their fight to get their favorite characters back on screen. Suddenly the “DANS” were the not-so-secret identity of many Roswellians, whose long-held fandom fervor had re-discovered.*

While a super cute autocorrect error was the origin of the DANS, it was the second B+T campaign and the word games which displayed the “bee” and “cup of tea” emojis that lead to the items themselves (tea bags and honey, rather) being sent to Netflix headquarters.

With that in mind and after watching the promo a million times, fellow DAN Krista began to wonder if a couple name for B+T has been picked already. She recently told Crashdown that she had an idea for a B+T shipper name and we think it combines the past with the present perfectly.

“My thought process went, “Honeybee + tea, honey + tea = sweet tea!“, she explained and added, “Say it fast it sounds like ‘Sweetie’ and it goes good with their previous couple name ‘Candy!’ Plus, depending on tone it suits their relationship (as based on the promo) whether meant as an actual endearment or as a sarcastic dig.”

To bee honest, we are loving it and we kind of added the term in a past video title called “Honeybee + Sweet Tea”.

What are your thoughts Roswellians and Dans?! Please let us know your ideas for a couple shipper name. As Krista said, “Cleverness abounds in our fandom, maybe because there was so much cleverness in the show, too – it attracted a lot of clever people, lol.“ And we agree on that!

*The full story explained by Loxley can be found here:
B+T And Their Growing Army Of Dans

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