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Majandra sends christmas greetings from Miami

By • Dec 27th, 2004 • Category: Leading, Majandra Delfino

Majandra is currently in Miami. She wrote some christmas greetings into her diary. Read it on her official website!

Brendan answers fan questions on his official website.

By • Dec 16th, 2004 • Category: Brendan Fehr, Leading

Immortal-Butterflie – There’s been this huge hype for comics being made into movies, is there any comic that you’d like to see made into a movie and also star in? even movies that have already been made like maybe spiderman etc. I don’t want to see any comic book made into a movie. I really […]

Majandra’s website updates

By • Dec 13th, 2004 • Category: Leading, Majandra Delfino

Majandra just sent me the answers to the the questions fans have been asking her on her official messageboard at Media Blvd Go to Majandra’s official website to read these great questions and answers, and stop by her messageboard to ask your own question!

Emilie de Ravin: ‘Brick’ to show at Sundance

By • Dec 3rd, 2004 • Category: Emilie de Ravin, Leading

From indieWIRE: Sundance Film Festival 2005 Emilie de Ravin’s film ‘Brick’ will one of the films featured in the Dramatic competition of the Sundance Film Festival. Below is the description the site posts for the film: “Brick” (world premiere) A teenage loner pushes his way into the underworld of a high school crime ring to […]

King is Kong & Colin about Kong

By • Dec 1st, 2004 • Category: Colin Hanks, Leading

On MsNBC you can find an article about Peter Jackson’s “King Kong”. It was written by Jeff Giles for Newsweek. There you can find a Colin Quote, too. I’m 26, and the only thing I knew about Kong was that he got on the Empire State Building and was shot down by planes,” says Colin […]