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Brendan answers fan questions on his official website.

Immortal-Butterflie – There’s been this huge hype for comics being made into movies, is there any comic that you’d like to see made into a movie and also star in? even movies that have already been made like maybe spiderman etc.

I don’t want to see any comic book made into a movie. I really don’t think they are particular great. It’s just a case of, even more than books, the reader having already developed what this guy/girl is, sounds like, etc. and because of the “fantastical” happenings where reality is suspended, which in comic books it obviously is quite a lot, I don’t think that translates that well to film with flesh and blood. It’s just belongs on the page which ink and color. Though I don’t like them, I’d swallow that and do one I thought could be half ass decent and could open up doors for me.

Maryann – what do you think about the HOCKEY STRIKE ? do you side with the players or owners ?

Number one I hate the strike and don’t plan on seeing hockey for at least a year. And number 2, ultimately I side, well, it’s tough. I understand both sides and what the owners are doing to the players right now is happening in Hollywood. There used to be so much “dummy” money flying around that it wasn’t a big deal to slightly overpay for actors, scripts, etc. But now after 9/11, everything, including the economy and all these big companies that own these studios, has changed. The corps. are now having to tell people that once made 10 million that it’s not viable to pay them that anymore. You had an instance where something like Vin Diesel with one hit, gets paid 20 million to do XXX. Well, how does that work? That’s what Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson are getting and deserve to more than anyone in town but what happens is they are going to want more to separate themselves from this one hit wonder. So, it’s the studios and in the NHL, owners, who have been overpaying average to mediorce players and now want to scale that back. They created this mess by being careless. But in the same voice, if I’m a business man, I want cost certainty. I want to what I pay to be based on what I take in. And that’s why they want a cap. They can then work with hard numbers. I get that and would like to see it because I see what it’s done in the NFL and love the parity it creates. The NFL granted is a different beast with only 16 games and the TV revenues, etc. but parity and accountability is key to a successful league and the NHL didn’t really have either.

sweetmiss – What is it like to have fans, is it wierd to hear people talk about you when they don’t really know you ? I am sure you are a fan of some person or group ( perhaps Metallica ) As a fan, what is the craziest thing that you have ever done ?

It’s not as much weird as it can be frustrating sometimes. Stuff taken out of context, misunderstood, and all that. You can’t set every story straight or you’d never sleep. That’s frustrating especially for me since I personality is one that misinformation is a huge pet peeve of mine. Being accused of something you didn’t do or say, which has happened to all of us, really gets me crazy-angry and here it’s commonplace. You just gotta forget it but I can only imagine people on a the bigger end of things than I am in this business and have seen their experiences. Brutal. The covers of the magazines with all that crap about relationships is more damaging than people realize. Just imagine. How hard has your break-ups, fights been with the boy/girlfriend, husband and then have people who know nothing making opinions and getting involved. It can tear one apart that otherwise wouldn’t have been.

Spiderman Tonee – When you have time to read, who is your favorite author, what is your favorite book, & what is your favorite genre (sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, drama, action, etc.)?

My favorite author of all-time is C.S. Lewis by far. Another would be Richard Russo. Favorite book is “Where the Red Fern Grows” and anything by Lewis.

thankfulalli – How often do you get to golf and what is your handicap? Do you believe in love at first sight? (corny, I know)

I golf about 1 or twice a week and my handicap is probably about 12 or so. I’ve shot in the 70’s a few times, but mid-80’s is where I’m stuck at now. Love at first sight? Yes. The first time I saw a hockey game I knew the flame would nary a flicker.

Christian – With your background and the way you were brought up are you finding it difficult to maintain your values in the roles you play? (yes, I know it is called acting but some of the roles you are taking are becoming seedier and might be harder to shake off when the scenes are finished.)

Oh, touchy subject here. Umm, am I a hypocrite? Yes. Do I want to be? No. Have I learned something from a movie I just did? Yes. Did I laugh so hard I cried at a recent rough screening? Yes. Do I think I’m going to hell because it’s American Pie on steroids? Well, let’s just say me and God have been talking and I had a lot of explaining to do. None of it was sufficient or worked really so He just said with a sigh, “Oh well, I guess I promised forgiveness always so you kinda put Me in a corner but next time, don’t make it so hard on Me.”

CatWoman – Do you think you are a good cook? What’s your favorite dessert?

No but I barbeque a great steak and can make good couscous. Favorite dessert? Umm, cheesecake is good. Too many really but dessert has never really been my thing.

HeavyMetalQueen – I was just curious, as to what stuff, did you have to ‘smoke” for the “Sugar” movie?

Oh it was something like Lilac and twigs. And then off camera, crack.

Mystique – Have you been approached about a Roswell movie? If so would you do it? Sorry if this is a repeat question.

No and let’s just say no.