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Sadler Sings

Some more News I found on the Bill Board. On February 26, Marni oppened a thread called “Sadler Sings !!!” and she posted the following:

Marni posted 02-26-2005 05:47 PM

“That’s right, Sadler Colley Bakst, Bill’s daughter (mine too), has a gig this coming Wednesday, March 2nd, to play and sing her own songs at CBGB’s in NYC. So come, hear her, and support young singer songwriters. She has developed quite a following among her fellow students, and everyone who hears her thinks she’s great. (and I’m not just saying this ’cause I’m her Mom) The address is CBGB”S Upstairs Gallery, 313 Bowery (around 3rd St. or so.) Cover is only $5, and she will have CD’s for sale too if you like what you hear. When you come, be sure to tell them at the door that you’re there for Sadler, cause they keep track of those things. See you there…I wouldn’t miss it!”

In addition a possibly CD purchase through Bills website is mentioned. Find out more on the Bill Board.