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Please Don’t Cancel Jesse Stone

Show your support and let CBS know that the fans want more “Jesse Stone” movies. Last Sunday, the eighth movie in the Jesse Stone series premiered and it was Sunday night’s most watched TV program.

In “Jesse Stone”, William Sadler plays Gino Fish and he stands 100% behind the movies.

William Sadler wrote on Facebook:

Despite the fact that “JESSE STONE: BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT” was Sunday night’s most watched TV program, CBS seems determined not to order any more Jesse Stone movies. We think that’s not a good idea – for the network and certainly for the millions of Jesse’s fans.

You can help to influence the network and assure more Jesse by sending just one e-mail, addressed to:


In the subject box, just type: PLEASE DON’T CANCEL JESSE STONE!

You can leave the message area blank or use it to express your personal feelings.

Please send your email right away, and don’t hesitate to ask anyone you can think of to join us. Numbers count!

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