LeadingShiri Appleby

More information about “Pizza My Heart”

On imdb.com you can find a short synopsis for Shiri’s movie “Pizza My Heart” (working title: Pizza Wars):

“Wonderful story of two Italian families who own competitive pizza restaurants and have had an ongoing family fued since long ago in the ‘old country’. The son and daughter of each opposing family fall in love, but not without strong disapproval of their parents. Funny and often touching, this is a pleasant Romeo and Juliet style story with a happy ending. It takes place in modern day Verona, New Jersey.”

Zap2it.com reported in it’s latest article that “Pizzy My Heart” is another ABC Familie movie which is slated to air in July! Informations about the possible series “1/4 Life” can be found in this article, as well! “And she’ll soon learn if ABC picks up her pilot for another series. She’s in the ensemble cast of “1/4 Life,” a post-college drama from “Once and Again” and “My So-Called Life” producers Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz.”