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Katherine appears in the music video “Only You”

Kheigl.com reported yesterday, that Katherine is in the new music video “Only You” of Josh Kelley. This video clip was shoot on May 27, 2005 in L.A. at Venice Beach. The single is going to be released this week in the USA. The song is from the album “Almost Honest” which hits stores on August 23rd.

The story of the music video: Josh and his band are performing the song in his apartment. Katherine plays a young woman, who lives in the apartment on the other site of street. She sits on the window sill and watches the band. While Katherine moves her body to the music, the singer and she flirt. Then she starts to dance. Later, they meet one another on the street by accident. Josh has a nice gift for Katherine, a flower, which he stole just a minute ago. The last scene shows them going to the beach.

Josh wrote the following into his online joural: “Just finished filming the video for “Only You” at Venice Beach…Had a killer time – brilliant director – brilliant crew – my band in the video (Darwin, Donald, Dave & Jason) – Katherine Heigl was perfect for the role of the “Only You Girl” – I can’t believe we got it all done in one day – starting at 6 a.m. – got some free clothes – new friends – new fans”[..]

You can watch this clip on this site.

After the appearance of Shiri and Brendan in music videos, Katherine is the third cast member in a video clip, which we (hopefully) can watch on MTV soon. More informations about the musician, can be found on the official website of JoshKelley.com. There you can listen to other songs, as well. He surely made some new fans.