Brendan FehrLeading

The “Childstar Contest” Winner + Informations about Brendan’s new project

Yesterday, Brendan announced the winner of the “Childstar”-Contest. In addition he gave some informations about his latest project. He wrote

“I was in Calgary shooting “Comeback Season” written and directed by Bruce McCullough starring Ray Liotta. It is just a fairly small part really but was a good experience and brought me home to Canada so it was well worth it on all accounts. Any more news and I’ll let you know when I feel like it, hopefully sooner but hey, it’s my part and I’ll cry if I want to. Wait… that doesn’t really make sense. Doesn’t mean it’s not true, just not reall what I was going for there. Anyways, I’m outta here.”

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The movie is listed on, too. Follow this link to visit the site.