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Article of Jason telling about Roswell at Suosikki

Thanks to Postman (Mikko) for getting permission to scan, and transcribe portions of this article for Crashdown. Suosikki is a Finnish magazine. Click on the pictures for a larger version of the image

Article from Suosikki N:o 3/01 Text: Janne Salomaa Pics: MTV3

Jason Behr: “They first told me to lie my age”

This first article is telling about the youth of Jason. Jason started acting at age of five. He was acting at different school products and TV commercials. Jason has been a quest star at different TV-shows. But three years ago his career started to roll on. Guest started at Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dawson`s Creek helped Jason get the main role at Roswell.
His age was matter at first. He was 25 years old then and they affaired him to be too old to be a main start at youth serie. Jason managmet first told him to lie he was 22 years old.
– It was ridiculous. They told me to lie my age. I didin`t do that but still I read from some magazines that I am 4 years younger than I am.

Max & Liz

This article is telling about Jason`s role at Max.
– I love the serie. I love my charachter. Max is caring person and thinks a lot and tries to figure out his possibilitys at life. He is like me but with that difference I am not a alien.
Also this article tell about Max & Liz relationship at Roswell.
– Their relationship is the red line of Roswell.
At the side of romantic Roswell is also a sci-fi serie. Jason is a big science-fiction fan so he just enjoys it.
– When I was young E.T. did a great effect on me till that day I have loved sci-fi and fantasy. I think that everyone should specultate is there something else than us at the space.
Jason still not believes at ufos
– I think that they might be something at space. But are they little green men flying with saucers? Hardly, but how knows? We can`t be only living thing at the universe.

Fans prevent the end of Roswell

Jason and whole Roswell group future was in danger when producer desided stop filming Roswell because low viewer ratings. But the producer underrestimate the power of Roswell fans. In a couple of days they organize different campaigns. Save Roswell- campaign sent 20 000 e-mails. “Roswell Is Hot” jammed producer companys maildelivery with over 6000 Tabasco bottle.
At saving him job Jason is grateful forever and says that he never get bored singing autographs.
At this time future is showing to be really good for Jason
– I dream about a big movie role. I want to show them that I can do more then be a TV-actor.