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Article about Shiri and Emilie at Suosikki magazine!!

Thanks to Postman (Mikko) for getting permission to scan, and transcribe portions of this article for Crashdown. Suosikki is a Finnish magazine. Click on the pictures for a larger version of the image

Article from Suosikki N:o 3/01 Text: Janne Salomaa Pics: MTV3

Shiri Appleby: Live is shopping and beatches
22 years old Shiri Appleby is acting Roswell`s nice and reasonable Liz Parker. Sympathetic woman has charmed Max and the fans of Roswell hearths.
Roswell`s makers first prove different roles for Shiri but decided her to be Liz. Because innocent appearance and character are not bluf at case of her.
– I am not a partyanimal. At saturday evenings I enjoy better singing karaoke clear or watching TV at home with my friends than party on clubs.
Actresses other good virtues are textile mill and early wake ups at weekends. There is a good reason for early wake ups.
– I love spending time at Santa Barbara at the early in the morning. Perfect day starts with the breakfast at Malibu Beach and continues wtih shopping at State Street. Life is like beaches and shopping.

” I wanted to do same things that all other my aged did”

Shiri`s career as an actress started at the age of four. She did do commercials. The break through at her career was I Love You Till Dead- thriller were she was acting with Kevin Kline and River Phoenix
Even the gates of movie stars beginned to open a front of Shiri she tried to live normal life. She participate school clubs activitys and was leader of cheerleaders.
– I went to normal summer jobs. I didin`t do work for money but to do things like normal my aged people did.
At the side of Roswell the greatest moment of Shiri`s life has been a main part at Bon Jovi`s music video It`s My Life.

Article from Suosikki N:o 3/01 Text: Janne Salomaa Pics: MTV3

Emilie de Ravin: “I was teased and rejected”

19 years old Emilie de Ravin did get her role as Roswell`s Tess only a month after she moved from her homecountry Australia to Los Angeles. Her character Tess completed alien group and mixes relationship between Max and Liz.
– Tess maybe are not Roswell`s sympathetic character but for the serie she is necessary.
She says that role of rejected alien is like maked for her.
– At Australia I was in the ballet school which atmosphere was really bad. Everyone tried hurt each others really bad. I wanted to be different from all the other girls and tried to be nice for everyone. But they started to tease me more.
Bad memories from ballet school have not killed Emilie`s desire for acting. She studented for actress and did get hers first main role at TV-serie Beast Master which Emilie did play evil demon.
Role at Roswell did get Emilie sure for hers choice for acting.