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Brendan on cover of Suosikki Magazine!!

Thanks to Postman (Mikko) for getting permission to scan, and transcribe portions of this article for Crashdown. Suosikki is a Finnish magazine. Click on the pictures for a larger version of the image

Brendan Fehr- Stranger at La:

Article from Suosikki Magazine N:o 3/01 Text: Janne Salomaa Pics: MTV3

First part of the article tell us about Brendan roots to his homeland Canada and how he wants to support his roots. It also tell us how Brendan is getting us to live at LA and what he thinks meeting the stars.
– First it was fun to meet people you have seen at TV. Star still are ordinally people and many times when you meet them they show to be a different person than their public image is saying. It can be a great disappointment.
Brendan also tell us that he is not intrestet about free alcohol on different star parties.
– Minor use of alcohol and staying out of drugs are typical norms of my life which I do support. I want to get peoples attention with my roles not being at the front page of gossip magazine.

Second part of the article tell us about the youth of Brendan. That he was always wanted to be a math teacher or icehockey playes. At his youth Brendan was interested about numbers and sports. It also tell us how Brendan did intrested about modelling and how he get via modelling to actor.

Third part tell us about Brendan`s friendships to other Roswell casts. He tell us that he only spent time at his free time with Majandra. Other Roswell cast he meets at work. He says that he it good friend with Majandra and talk a lot with Jason and Katie at work. The article tell us that at the season 1 he didin`t have good friendship with Shiri but now days they are doing fine. Third part also tell us about the differences of him and his role charachter Michael.
– I say things straight like Michael. But I am more diplomatical guy than him.
Brendan tells that at his school times he was social “Mr. Nice Guy”.
– I definetly was not a outsider. Everyone knowed who I am and at the breaks I talked with everybody. I was a going guy and did get lot of attention.
Brendan does not have Michael`s spirit of rebellion.
– I has always have good relation to my family. I am still my mother son.

Fourth part of the article tell us about Fehrians and how Brendan keep contact to them at his board on Crashdown and how does he respects the fans of him.
– My fans are sometimes crazy but they are awesome. Feed back from my fans keeps me up to continue as an actor. Some of feed back is very intelligent too. It nice to have feed back where they are saying that I am “very cute” but at the intelligent messages has really understant the meaning of Roswell.
Brendan thinks that Roswell`s message for young people is support them to survive at different crisis at their life.
– I really hope that no one feels him or herself outsider among young people. I think that Roswell really helps on that. I still hope that no one seems answer for their crisis at Roswell. Crisis must be solve with friends or at home. Brendan thinks that even Roswell is a sci-fi drama serie is still conserns about young peoples not aliens lifes.
– I don`t play Michael as an alien. I play him as a person who has lot of things to survive at his life and he must do different things to survive.

Fifth part of the article tell us about Brendan`s hobbies. He likes to play monopoly and collect`s Spider Man figures