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Jason Behr on cover of Winter 2001 Teen Beat magazine

Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this:

Jason Behr is on the cover of the Winter 2001 (February) issue of “Teen Beat” magazine, with the other two J’s – Joshua Jackson and Justin Timberlake – in their astrology-related issue. Caption under Jason’s grinning photo says “Jason – Capricorn gives loves his ALL!” (sigh!)

On page 9 (not numbered) there is a nice photo of Jason on the beach in his white T-shirt, in a “2001 Love Horoscope, Find Your Celebrity Soul Mate!” article, as being a good match for Virgo:

“The Best Celebrity Love Match for You is: Capricorn. Jason Behr (born Dec 30) is a guy who works as hard at making his girl happy as he does playing Max on Roswell!”

Teen Beat is a funny magazine, in that it has some glossy color pages, and some black and white pages printed on newsprint-type paper.

On page 14, Under “The Teen Beat Times” Horoscope section, is a little “Capricorn Spotlight” article on Jason Behr that sums him up pretty well, with a small (but nice) black and white photo of Jason.

Capricorn Spotlight: Jason Behr
December 30, 1973

This cute native Minnesotan is a down-to-earth Capricorn with Blockbuster coupons on his refrigerator, and a desire to raid his local donut shop any time of the day or night! Inside his fridge are months of leftover pizza and an assortment of sugary soft drinks – that’s right, he’s got the classic Capricorn sweet tooth!

Jason is very grateful to all the fans who have rallied to save his series “Roswell,” and he will never turn down a request for an autograph or photo.

Although modest about his success, Jason was voted “most likely to become famous” by his high school class in suburban Richfield, MN, and is wicked proud that this prediction came true. He is still close with a lot of those classmates, and like other Caps, he puts family first. Jason’s got three brothers with whom he never gets tired of tossing a football or going hiking. When Jason’s brothers come to the “Roswell” set and create a family atmosphere, Jason just eats it up.

The stars show that this acting hottie will get a lot of offers for both movie and television work in his 23rd year. [He’s 27 – don’t know what they are talking about!] At press time, he is looking over scripts with his agent, but hasn’t committed to anything. You can bet that Jason’s star has only begun to rise – you’ll find him in the superstar league in another year or two! He really wants to show he can do more than just TV sci-fi. Don’t be surprised to see him in a comedy flick – although he rarely gets to show it on “Roswell,” Jason is a class A cut-up!
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Finally, for all you puzzle buffs, on page 77 there is the Star Search Puzzle, “Roswell Rocks” with a bunch of “Roswell”-related hidden words to search for. The bonus is, you can complete the contest and mail it in by March 1 to try for a free Teen Beat subscription and T-shirt (and there’s no age limit – woohoo!). There are also 3 little Roswell photos with the puzzle.