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Brendan has taken a recurring gig on CSI: Miami

Brendan has taken a recurring gig on CSI – Miami. Read his post:

I am writing to let everyone who cares (oh, hey buddy) that I have taken a recurring gig on CSI:Miami as the new A/V Tech. Name. Dan Cooper. I’ve shot the first 2 episodes of the season and am scheduled to do the 3rd. It’s just a recurring gig, one or two scenes a show, every couple or 3, 4 shows. It’s been alot of fun and just saw Adam today for the first time and we had a nice talk since we haven’t in awhile. I figured I would just keep all you up to date really since well you like to be. It’s an open contract meaning they just call when they need me and I’ll go when I can type deal. It’s actually a really sweet gig in terms of the show, the quality and the amount of time required of me. I can still pursue movies and films since it’s just episode by episode contract. So that’s that. Now here’s to that. And that. Maybe this? Aaaaaaand…. this.

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