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Brendan pics & interview for The Forsaken

Thanks to Rhea for this:

Don’t know if this has already been posted but I found a pretty good interview with Brendan and the cast of “The Forsaken.” There are also a couple of pictures along with the interview.

Read The Interview With Brendan

Before the Weekend of Horrors, Master Nick was nice enough to set me up with some reps from Sony to get a chance to talk to the cast of ‘Forsaken’, maybe for a photo op or two, I assumed. I did not think they’d set aside time for me and Steve Head, a reporter from IGN, to sit down and talk with them.

The four of them (Johnathon Schaech, Phina Oruche, Kerr Smith, and Brendan Fehr) were very nice and laid back, not at all what I expected from “talent”. They answered all our questions very thoroughly and seemed genuinely excited about the upcoming vampire movie.

A little history on the characters; Johnathon (‘That Thing You Do’) Schaech plays Kit, one of the eight original Forsaken. He’s the villainous badass. Phina (Giles’ girlfriend on ‘Buffy’) Oruche plays one of the sexy vampire girls named Cym, Kerr (‘Dawson’s Creek’) Smith is the traveler Sean who picks up a hitchhiker on his way to deliver a car cross country, and Brendan (‘Roswell’) Fehr is the hitchhiker in question, cursed with a blood disease that will eventually change him into one of the Forsaken.


Brendan Fehr- My character was a protagonist. He had his tendencies to walk on the dark side, and you could see that in him. He fought it a little bit, but when you’re offered the choice of immortality over mortality, you see how it can be very appealing.

The longer he goes without killing this guy that could ultimately save him (Smith’s character), the harder the choice becomes to save himself. You would start to think that immortality wouldn’t be so bad since you could do whatever you want and never die. At first he thinks, “no I want my life back!” but the more you think about it the more it eats away at you on the inside. You’d live by no rules, which is appealing to everybody.