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From Roswell To B+T

Thanks For Roswell, Now Please Fill The Void With B+T

Thanks to Netflix a new generation of fans have discovered Roswell. We are very sad about the decision of Netflix saying farewell to sci-fi and we hope that they will renew their license for the show in the near future.

We would like to take this opportunity to increase demand for new original sci-fi content. Baron And Toluca will be perfect for Netflix.

In case you missed it, the former Roswell actors Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr band together to bring an amazing new project to life. It’s not a spin-of or reboot, but something different, exciting, mysterious, and already has thousands of fans. Did you watch the B+T promo already? Nomi from @RoswellBack says fittingly: “Netflix can fill this void in our hearts by picking up B+T. It will appease our sci-fi fix! If it’s original content you are making room for Baron And Toluca would be perfect!”

She adds “The chemistry we want to see hasn’t gone anywhere!”

Same Chemistry. Different Story. That Will Bring Nostalgia. Yet a Fresh Take. All At The Same Time.

If Netflix focuses on their own original content and sci-fi shows Baron And Toluca will definitely make their sci-fi and paranormal subscribers happy again.

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#FromRoswellToBandT @Netflix please give us Brendan Fehr + Majandra Delfino as B+T #helloToScifi #BaronAndToluca

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