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The Hills Have Eyes is not a typical horror movie

The movie “The Hills Have Eyes”, starring Emilie de Ravin, got mentioned in the news item Coming attractions on burlingtonfreepress.com:

Wes Craven’s ‘Hills’

Opening March 10, “The Hills Have Eyes” is a spooky remake of the 1977 Wes Craven cult classic. The story of a road trip gone horribly awry stars Emilie de Ravin of “Lost” with Kathleen Quinlan, Aaron Sanford and Ted Levine.

A family is taking a cross-country excursion and stumbles upon a zone that had been the site of toxic dumping and atomic experimentation. Though it seems uninhabited, it’s actually the breeding ground of some very hungry mutants.

“My character, Brenda, is a typical rebellious teenager,” says de Ravin. “She’s not into this trip at all. She’d rather have gone to Cancun on spring break with her friends.”

Though the movie, directed by French filmmaker Alexandre Aja, is set in the southwestern United States, it was actually shot in Morocco.

“It’s not your typical horror movie,” says de Ravin. “It’s not just people getting killed for no reason. Everything seems to have a meaning in this story. In a lot of horror films, you don’t get to know all the characters. You get to know this family and feel the relationship they have together. So you feel all the more for them.” — Claudia Puig, Gannett News Service Television (burlingtonfreepress.com)