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Ultra hasn’t been picked up

By • May 19th, 2006 • Category: Leading, Majandra Delfino

“Ultra” hasn’t been picked up as new CBS series. In the pilot of this superhero story, Majandra played a girl named Suzette.

“The Way” is not on the fall schedule

By • May 18th, 2006 • Category: Jason Behr, Leading

As reported, Jason Behr was part of pilot of “The Way”. Now, CBS announced their fall schedule and unfortunatly this series is not listed.

Brendan is going to be married

By • May 18th, 2006 • Category: Brendan Fehr, Leading

Brendan Fehr Online reports with reference to a post by HeavyMetalQueen at MediaBlvd, that Brendan is going to be married. “Canadian ET” announced this great news. Congratulations to Brendan and his fiancĂ©e Jennifer! A congratulations thread can be found on his official board at MediaBlvd.: Congrats to Brendan & Jen!

“Help Me Help You” has been picked up!

By • May 17th, 2006 • Category: Leading, Majandra Delfino

One week before the Upfronts, ABC already confirmed the series production of its new sitcom “Help Me Help You”. In addition, they report that the new series will air every tuesday. Majandra Delfino announced a while ago the following: I am indeed doing two pilots this year. On Ultra I would be a series regular […]

Katie and Emilie: competitors

By • May 10th, 2006 • Category: Emilie de Ravin, Katherine Heigl, Leading

It seems like Katherine Heigl and Emilie de Ravin are currently competitors for a role. According to, both are tipped to be up for the lead in “Daisy Scarlett: Semper Occultus” – a movie about a female agent working out for MI6. Orginally, “King Kong” actress Naomi Watts was set to play the role.

New diary entry at – Ultra

By • May 7th, 2006 • Category: Leading, Majandra Delfino

Majandra wrote into her diary. She talks about “Ultra”. Read it on or here: May 6, 2006 * Guys I am so excited to hear about what the fate of Ultra will be….Things are so crazy in the TV world these days who knows what is up from down anymore. I am just hoping […]

“When Do We Eat?” – Misunderstood is intense

By • May 6th, 2006 • Category: Leading, Shiri Appleby

In the latest newsletter, Sal Litvak the director and writer of “When Do We Eat?”, writes about the pain of being SO misunderstood. Please read on to read the official newsletter: How much can one Jew take?! The film opens today in Toronto and my parents’ home town of Washington DC. On the same day […]