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New diary entry at Majandra.com – Ultra

Majandra wrote into her diary. She talks about “Ultra”. Read it on Majandra.com or here:

May 6, 2006
Guys I am so excited to hear about what the fate of Ultra will be….Things are so crazy in the TV world these days who knows what is up from down anymore. I am just hoping that this brilliant pilot gets picked up AS IS and that it is given the shot it deserves. Barbara has really written something cool here and it’s now like my mission to get it out there to you guys because YOU will really appreciate it. Believe you me. So put out some good joojoobee and light a candle for our success!!!! Muchos Besos!!!! AND so many thanks to the sites dedicated to hitting CBS aside the head and forcing them to pick us up!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO