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“When Do We Eat?” – Misunderstood is intense

In the latest newsletter, Sal Litvak the director and writer of “When Do We Eat?”, writes about the pain of being SO misunderstood. Please read on to read the official newsletter:

How much can one Jew take?! The film opens today in Toronto and my parents’ home town of Washington DC.

On the same day that the Toronto Sun writes:

“Thanks to a great cast and sharp writing, When Do We Eat? is a clever comedy with plenty of black humour and irreverence, all of which leads to contemplative thought. By the time Dad starts to hallucinate the spark of God’s love around various family members, the message of love and forgiveness is evident.”

The Washington Post writes:

“Anti-semitic… anyone familiar with ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ would be quite comfortable watching the movie.”

Folks, I am an observant Jew. My mother (whose birthday is today no less!) is a miraculous survivor of the Terezin concentration camp. Her father perished at Aushwitz. I love my tribe. I love my faith. My wife and co-writer, Nina, and I have put ALL of our heart, soul and resources into this film.

The pain of being SO misunderstood is intense. Please express your opinion of this review in a letter to the editor of the Washington post by following this link:


And please tell everyone you know in Washington DC (The Avalon) and Toronto (Bayview Village Cinema) to see this movie for themselves!

Sal Litvak