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Katherine Heigl mentioned “Life Unexpected” again

In 2009 actress Katherine Heigl and her husband singer Josh Kelley adopted a special needs baby girl named Naleigh from South Korea. When “Life Unexpected”, which features her former Roswell co-star Shiri Appleby, premiered on The CW the actress revealed that she loved the Life Unexpected storyline, explaining, “I sit and watch this show every week from the birth mother’s perspective, and it’s amazingly well done.”

On on January 27th, 2011 Katherine joined a teleconference with a group of moms representing various blogs relating to parenting and children, to answer questions about her own experiences and challenges as a new mom. When the busy actress and caring mom was asked about her favorite television shows, she mentioned “Life Unexpected” again.

“Life Unexpected” was a show that I loved so much. It was super interesting to me because it was about a family who gave at 16, a child up for adoption and then she came back into their lives when she was 16. She hadn’t been adopted and had just been bumping around the foster care system. I thought the perspective – from the other side – was so interesting and I loved it, but I think it’s cancelled and that broke my heart.

‘Brothers and Sisters’, I love ‘Cougar Town.’ What others – there are probably a dozen more that I can think of right now.”

Interestingly, Liz Tigelaar, “mom” of “Life Unexpected”, also worked on “Brothers and Sisters” too. While we are all still crying about losing our favorite characters and show, the creator is trying to be strong as she heads back to work. Liz shared on Twitter that she has started to brainstorm a new project but admitted that it’s “hard to think of a new series when all you want is your old series. Or american dreams season 4. :)”

Please read the full Q & A with Katherine Heigl at www.kheigl.com.

The CW still hasn’t decided about the show’s fate, but since the actors have moved on it’s just a matter of time until the official announcement of the cancellation. Kristoffer Polaha has signed a rich talent holding deal with CBS to top line a new project aimed for next fall and Britt has been cast for the pilot of a new CW show. Liz Tigelaar is also ready to move on and has signed an overall deal with ABC Studios.

However, maybe there is just a small spark of hope that we might still learn what happened in the two years that the happy season two finale scene skipped.

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