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MTV.com Movie File about “Knocked Up”

MTV.com reports yesterday in the “Movie File: Movie File: Nicolas Cage, 50 Cent, ‘Harry Potter,’ Elisha Cuthbert & More” that the movie is due in 2007. The news text is about Seth Rogen and some significant cameos thanks to Katherine Heigl’s character…


After strong supporting work in flicks like “You, Me and Dupree” and “Anchorman,” funnyman Seth Rogen finally gets his first starring role in the comedy “Knocked Up,” which finishes filming this week in Las Vegas. The flick, due in 2007, boasts some significant cameos thanks to Katherine Heigl’s character — an entertainment reporter whose ambitions come to a screeching halt when Rogen’s slacker character gets her pregnant. “Because she works at E!, we have a lot of celebrities who were nice enough to come in and play themselves,” Rogen revealed, adding that they cornered the unknowing celebs, including Owen Wilson, Steve Carell, Eva Mendes and Orlando Bloom. “We just planted ourselves on the red carpets, and when people came up, we said, ‘Will you shoot a two-minute scene for our movie, wherein you make an inappropriate comment about her pregnant belly?’ And most people were nice enough to do it.”

The news item can be found here.