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Reed Fish: “I can’t say enough nice things about the festival”

As reported, “I’m Reed Fish” aired at Filmfest Hamburg and Reed Fish himself dedicated a blog entry to his visit in Germany.

He writes, that the Filmfest was great and the reaction to the movie was very positive.

“Most people stayed for the Q & A, and, more importantly, most of them laughed when I made jokes.”

Reed Fish says, that he was curious to watch the movie with a foreign audience to see how/if it played differently.

“I was surprised that for the most part it was pretty similar. People groaned at the right moments, laughed (with a couple notable exceptions) at the right moments and just generally seemed to get the movie the same way an American audience would. I was worried that might not be the case, especially since it was screening with no subtitles. But those Germans are pretty fluent in English (of course), and hey, it ain’t like I’m Reed Fish is Shakespeare or anything, so it wasn’t a problem.”

Read his entry in full.