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Colin on “My Mom’s New Boyfriend” and “Untraceable”

The article “Like Father, Like Son: Colin Hanks Teams With Meg Ryan For ‘Mom’s New Boyfriend’” was posted yesterday on the MTV Movies Blog

Not only the fans but also Colin was a little confused on the constant changes of the movie title. “Homeland Security” a.k.a. “More Than You Know” is finally named “My Mom’s New Boyfriend”. When Colin told the MTV Movie Blog reporter about the movie he said:

“There’s a movie I did with Meg Ryan – as well as Antonio Banderas and Selma Blair – which should be coming out at the beginning of the year. But I don’t know the name. We’ve sort of changed movie titles, so I don’t know what it’s called.”

“I play an FBI agent who comes home to find out that his mother is dating an FBI suspect. He’s forced to bug the dates that his mom and this art thief [played by Banderas] go on, and comedy ensues.”

Besides the movie “My Mom’s New Boyfriend” Colin talked on the thriller “Untraceable”.

“‘Untraceable’ is a thriller with Diane Lane … a very twisted kind of thriller, about this guy who tortures people online. [The killer] tortures people live online, and we try to find out where he is and stop him. Diane and I play the FBI cyber cops that try and catch him.”

At the end, Colin is quick to disassociate “Untraceable” from “Saw” and its disciples.

“It’s pretty intense, but it’s not torture porn,” he grinned. “Some of the stuff I’ve seen is pretty gruesome – but I like to keep my torture and my porn separate.”

You can find the full article here: Like Father, Like Son: Colin Hanks Teams With Meg Ryan For ‘Mom’s New Boyfriend’