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2004 Shiri Appleby starred as Debra in the “1/4 Life” pilot. Unfortunatley, ABC didn’t pick it up in 2005 and the series idea of Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz was dead.

The cast moved on and in July 2007 it was announced that MySpace licensed the concept of the project. More news followed in September: the Ed Zwick/Marshall Herskovitz project was renamed to “Quarterlife”. In addition the series was announced to air as exclusive web series on MySpace.com – with new actors. The very first episode aired on November 11, 2007 and besides Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz Josh Gummersall is listed as producer, too. Josh is the brother of Devon Gummersall. Devon played Sean DeLuca in the second season of Roswell. Since October 2007, he is married to Majandra Delfino. According to National Ledger Devon is working as author for the web series:

ON THE ‘NET: “State of Mind” regular Devon Gummersall reports he’s been juggling shooting of his Lifetime series with “Quarterlife,” the new upcoming Internet series from Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz. But he won’t be on camera for the latter project. “I’m working as a writer,” says Gummersall, who directed and wrote the indie film “Robbing ‘Hef.” “Quarterlife” follows a group of “25-year-olds in that awkward stage between college and adult life when you’re just out of college and thrust into the real world and have to figure out who you are. It’ll start airing in the fall in 10-minute webisodes.” He adds, “It’s going to be a first-class project, shot pretty much in the typical sophisticated Zwick/Herskovitz way, with high production values the same as if it was for TV or a movie, but it’ll air on the Internet. It’s exciting to explore the possibilities of the Internet because a lot of it is still uncharted territory.”

The actor, who plays wet-behind-the-ears attorney Barry White on “State of Mind,” says the troupe is more than halfway through its order of eight episodes.

On December 17, 2007 Zap2it.com published the article ‘Quarterlife’ Makes On-Air Date”. According to this text, the show “Quarterlife” from “My So-Called Life” producers Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick will premiere on NBC February, 18 2008.

On MySpace the episodes are airing in eight-minute installments and the television channel is going to repackage the online episodes into six one-hour shows. Read the full article here.

The first two episodes with Majandra Delfino as guest star are available online, now. She first appeared as Vanessa in Episode “Anxiety” (Part 13) with her sister Marieh. She gets to know the character Jed, Andrew and Danny in a bar.

Watch the episodes on MySpace.com/quarterlife or Quarterlife.com.