Brief News items (campaign and move)

KayComp sent this in from New York Daily News:

9:00pm: Roswell. Maybe it makes good counterprogramming sense, to try out this teen-appeal sci-fi soap opera opposite “Ally McBeal” and “Everybody Loves Raymond”. To me, though, that’s too many good shows in the same time slot. Spread the wealth, somebody, please.

From Dana:

A local news show ( Good Day Sacramento) was talking about all the fans support for Roswell, and they even said to go to and find out how to support the show, and make sure it gets renewed!

From Jeff:

After Roswell tonight, the WB33 Dallas did a story on the Tabasco Campaign

Sent in by RoSweLLMeStiSa:

From Tv Guide INSIDER: what’s new – who’s hot – what’s next Brendan Fehr mention:
“Roswell’s Brendan Fehr, for one, is looking forward to establishing himself. ‘The danger is thinking you’re special just because you have an agent or a manager,’ says Fehr, who was discovered while attending a friend’s wedding in Vancouver. ‘I can’t wait to get out of the ‘new faces’ category just to
prove I’ve made it.’

Sent in by crwilson- this is from Mr. Showbiz:

At the WB, fans have launched a campaign to show their support for sci-fi-teen hybrid Roswell: Acting on a suggestion from a fan site, they’ve swamped the network with hundreds of bottles of Tabasco sauce, a favorite condiment of the not-from-this-world stars of the struggling show.


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