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Bob Rivers Show – Colin Hanks Videos

You surely listened to the “Bob River Show” podcast, but it would be nice not just to hear Colin but to see him. Sarah found two clips on YouTube that were filmed in the radio studio.

Watch them here:
Part one: Colin Hanks in The Bob Rivers Show, Part 1, June 6, 2008
Part two: Colin Hanks in The Bob Rivers Show, Part 2, June 6, 2008

This is the description of the videos:

Actor Colin Hanks! (yes, son of Tom!) Colin may come from acting blood, but he is a talented actor in his own right, having appeared in films like “Orange County,” “Untraceable,” “King Kong,” and in Steven Spielberg’s 10-part mini-series “Band of Brothers” on HBO. Colin told us he read the script for “The Great Buck Howard” back in 2003, and fell in love with it immediately. It took awhile to get it made, but now it has a distributor and is aiming for a successful festival run! Buck Howard was “someone” back in the day. Described as a mentalist extraordinare, he appeared as a marquee act in Vegas, and marked 61 appearances on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. But these days, his act has lost its luster, and he spends his days performing in community centers. That’s where Colin Hanks comes in. Well, it’s where his character Troy Gable comes in. Gable is a recent law school drop-out who needs a job and a purpose, and he winds up working for Buck Howard, who is trying to revive his career, as his new road manager. John Malkovich plays Buck Howard, and Colin’s real-life dad Tom Hanks is Troy’s father. Tom is also a producer on the film.

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