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Chandra Wilson defences Katherine’s decision

Chandra Wilson, “Grey’s Anatomy” co-star, has defended Katherine Heigl’s decision to pull herself out of the list of 2008 Emmy Award contenders, insisting the topic had been “blown out of proportion”, IOL Entertainment reports.

Furthermore they say:

The move reportedly sparked outrage among the series’ writers, who felt Heigl’s action was a direct insult to their work.

However, Wilson, who portrays Dr Miranda Bailey, is stunned by the amount of media attention the withdrawal has garnered.

She says: “All actors have to do that exactly same thing every year. The public at large doesn’t understand it’s not about your body of works. It can’t be something in the middle. You can have a great seasonal arc, but if you don’t have that show that’s your show, then it’s not the right thing for the category.

“It was amazing to me the way it got blown out of proportion. Some years I submit, some years I don’t.”

Heigl won the Best Supporting Actress prize at the 2007 Emmy Awards for her role on Grey’s Anatomy.